Guess what I did?!

Guess what I did tonight?  (Yessssss I watched making a murderer.  I’m on episode 6!!).   I DID PROJECT LIFE!  A few years back I had a major life breakdown. (I’ll link later…. I’m mobile)  I set goals for myself for the new year to do things for ME.  The year was amazing.  I wrote down my goals and I did them.  This year, I am going to do the same.  Last night i wrote down some thing *I* wanted to do.  Things that were important to *ME*.    I’m going to try to be more intentional with my work time and start being very selective as to what work tasks I take on.  This job is supposed to be  about me doing things I want to do… And it’s hard when I LOVE my job and I love to work…. But I didn’t start this job to let it take over 50+  hours of my week.  I don’t have to do that.  I shouldn’t do that. It’s easy to, but it really isn’t necessary.

On my list:
Photograph kids
Walk 1000 miles

Today, Sunday, I didn’t work.  I woke up and we laid around the house for a bit.  The big kids went outside and I walked on the treadmill.  The boys played at the neighbors, I showered and the Amelia and I baked cookies.  We played with Eloise, Amelia entertained her with her gymnastics flips and craziness. At nap time, I went into my office but get this.  I.  Did.  Not.  Work.  I did write a “to do list ” for Monday morning (which I will complete and then BE DONE with work for the day!!!  No more adding more and more to my plate just to fill time!).  After making a list I SCRAPBOOKED!   I got about 3 weeks done on Eloise’s first year scrapbook.  I’m so excited.  I can’t wait for tomorrow because I’m hoping to get all of my work done before noon and then set aside the afternoon to do ME things until the boys come home.  Yessss!

I can do this.

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