Disney Day 3

Everyone slept in today until 8am or so.   Our destination today was Hollywood Studios.

First ride:  Toy Story Midway Mania.  I swear, we could ride this a hundred times.   We all love it!   We had a FP+ for it adn by the time we were out, the standby line was already at 70 minutes.  Craziness.

We hopped over to meet Buzz and Woody.  Amelia was wearing her Jessie dress today so I thought that’d make a cute picture.  There was a little boy in line near us wearing a Woody costume and they were playing peek a boo in line and it was SO adorable!

Amelia, though she is SO outgoing and SO fearless…. is FREAKED OUT by the characters!   Thursday when I took her to meet Ariel she shoved her blanket in her mouth and refused to look at her.  Same deal with Buzz and Woody.  Wouldn’t even look at the camera.  Boo!  Oh well.   She’s cute anyway!

We had early lunch reservations, which was probably nice since we had a super light lunch on the run.   We ate at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe.   LOVED the hilarious atmosphere and the service…. made you feel like you were back in teh 50’s.   Their food was probably great, but more like dinner “comfort food” (think pot roast, pot pie, fish, meatloaf, fried chicken), so I had a chicken caesar salad.   Our meal came with a drink, milkshake, entree and dessert.  Woohoo!

Other attractions we visited today:

Frozen Sing Along Celebration:  Amelia LOVED this.   It was really cute and I’d definitely do it again.

Little Mermaid show:  This was ehhh… short.  I probably would skip it unless Amelia requested to see it again.

The boys did the Indiana Jones show, rode the Star Wars ride and Porter tried to sign up for the Jedi training but got on the wait list.   Let me tell you… the Star Wars area was INSANE today.  GAH!

Honey I Shrunk the Kids play place:  CROWDED AS ALL GET OUT!    I’ve never seen it this busy. We let the kids play for about 10 minutes and by then I couldn’t wait to get out of there.   Pure madness.

The people on this trip… oh my gosh… we’re all just kind of flabbergasted at how so many adults can be so completely wrapped up in themselves that they are literally running into people, not watching where they’re going or even looking around them, cutting in front of people, tripping over kids (which isn’t hard to do at Disney but there have been some pretty blatant “I’m not even paying attention and walking right OVER your stroller” incidences).   Yesterday we were getting on Its A  Small World and were LITERALLY walking into the gate and this asian (frick… what’s the PC term??) couple and their daughter shoved past us.  Mind you… there was NO line.  The husband had a suit on.  He was the one to shove by Ryan and Porter.  The wife and daughter followed.  We looked at each other like..WTF… so did the Cast Member who was standing there.   They continued to rush through the lanes (where there were no people) and then caught up to the people ahead of us (like 50 feet or so) who were casually walking to the ride and the rude family CUT in front of them too!  I couldn’t believe it.  We’ve encountered some of the rudest people ever.   Insane.

Ry, Hudson and Dave did the Tower of Terror.  Hudson was hilarious afterward.  I guess there’s a story about the Twilight Zone and how a family died etc… and he was like “YES I was SCARED!   There was a family that was KILLED in that elevator! I thought I was going to DIE!”   So hilarious.

We ate dinner at Hollywood and Vine.  DELICIOUS!   Characters came around to the tables, so the kids got autographs and some pictures.  It was a buffet and it was AWESOME!   I’d definitely do this place again!

We planned on heading to the 7pm Fantasmic (and even had special seating that came with our dinner reservations) but didn’t make it so we headed home early.  Tomorrow morning we have 8:15am reservations at Akershus for Princess Breakfast!


  1. I loooove that you are such a good flexible mom at Disney!! One thing about me having Hunter is now I'm not such a freak about structuring the day. Still think you need forethought and vision for a good Disney trip worth the cash but I'm a bit more relaxed now. I love Fantasmic! Hollywood & Vine dinner! It made it so much easier to get in and out and is a great dinner if you can the reservation. You didn't ride Tower?! It's soooo good!

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