Disney Day 4

Magic Kingdom

The morning I don’t want to speak of because it started out SO crappy.

We had 8:15 reservations at Akershus for Princess Breakfast.   I should have known this was a stupid idea.   Of COURSE we were running late.   Everyone was cranky as we left the villa.  We got to Epcot and I thought things were fine… we made it a few minutes late for our ressies and was sat within 5 minutes or so.

It just kind of went downhill from here.  Eloise was in the carrier and as I took her out to put her in a high chair I realized she was soaked.  The carrier was soaked.  How did this happen?  ACK.  So, after we attempted to squeeze into the smallest area possible for an 8 person table (the back corner of the room, with like 12″ between the table and the wall),  Ryan then had to finagle the backpack in that small area to find the diapers and wipes.  I took Eloise to the bathroom and realized we had ONE diaper left for the entire day at the park.   As I was washing her pants in the sink I heard the cute little Princess procession outside in the dining room where the girls were dancing with the princesses.   Of course I’d miss this part of our breakfast.

Grumpy, I returned to the table in about tears…. being stupid emotional about a rotten morning.  I tried to keep in mind it was just a few bad things.  Our day would be fine.  Breakfast was good, our server was great.  There was another Princess Procession but Amelia really didn’t want to participate again.  The princesses came around and Amelia refused to even get out of her seat to see them.  The princesses didn’t disappoint though… they knelt down near her and had little conversations with her.   Sleeping Beauty discussed her blue dress (cinderella) and talked to her about her fairy godmothers and how Merrywhether loves blue and that her dress used to be blue before one of her fairy godmothers changed it to pink.   Arielle noticed Amelia’s Rapunzel hat and ditzily grabbed, giggling, and said “Oh what a fun hat!  It reminds me of a sea shell hee hee hee!”  They truly play the part so well!   She DID stand next to Cinderella because they were wearing the same dress 🙂

After breakfast, we headed to Magic Kingdom to use Fast Passes there.  I didn’t plan out this day too well… I wish I’d made it an Epcot day but unfortunately I planned our Fast Passes before all of our meals I think, so everything didn’t coordinate that well.   On our way in we watched a few minutes of the Dream Along with Mickey performance.   We’ve seen it before, so the boys couldn’t care less.  Amelia watched a few minutes and then went back to picking up sticks in the landscaping.

Most of the morning Ryan was crabby and negative.  I tried to offset that but the boys were being moody, Hudson was throwing tantrums about everything and I pretty much was done once Amelia refused to take a picture in front of Rapunzel’s tower.  You can only attempt to offset negative moods for so long before you explode.   I sent the boys on Thunder Mountain and the girls and I just walked around.  They both fell asleep, probably much needed, and I got a Diet Coke and ate some gummies and chilled in a quiet spot and people watched.

After some chill time, I rode Thunder Mountain with Ry, Porter and Hudson and by then the girls woke up.  We all had ice cream, went on the Jungle Cruise (a first for us), and that was so well narrated.  Our guide was hilarious.  Like… he was sarcastic and funny and we LOVED him.   The cruise itsself was a bit cheesy but the kids enjoyed it and the adults enjoyed the guide HAHA!

We at lunch at Cosmic Ray’s in Tomorrowland…  pretty decent food and selection.   Afterward, we decided to head back to the hotel to nap.  We stopped and got cake pops and caught some of the Festival of Fantasy Parade.  It was AMAZING.   I always avoid the parades and shows because I hate hate hate crowds.  But… I kind of wish we’d gotten good seats for this.    We could see a good part of it but there were so many people in front of us.

At the hotel, we attempted to rest. The boys all slept but Amelia didn’t at all.   I decided to nix our idea to go back to the park and instead head to the pool.  It was too chilly for me to get in a suit, but the kids didn’t care.   They swam for a bit and had a blast.   I think some chill time was just what we needed.   We went back to the room and had crabby kids again.  I heated up some leftovers, we tossed the kids in bed and then Ry and Dave went to the cafe and brought back dinner for us adults.  WHEW.

I’m glad this grumpy day is over.

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