Disney Day 5

The REAL Epcot day!   We got to the park fairly close to opening, and headed right to The Seas, one of our favorite places here.   We went on the Nemo ride (a favorite of our crew) and then to Turtle Talk with Crush (another huge favorite of ours). We spent sometime in the aquarium (we love visiting aquariums on vacay, really..) and just took it easy.

After The Seas, we had a little time before our Fast Passes started.  Ry and I took the boys to Mission Space.   Fun ride!  We did the green level, but I wish we’d tried orange.   The kids really got into it and we played along.

We then split up, Ry and Dave took the boys to Test Track to use FP+’s and I took the girls to Morocco to see Jasmine.   Amelia LOVES Jasmine, and was excited to meet her.  We waited in line, and when it was her turn…. she REFUSED to even go near her.  Wouldn’t talk to her, wouldn’t go anywhere near her.   Well that was fun!   HAHA!

We met back up with the guys and then walked around the different countries.   We’ve NEVER walked around the countries as a family.  The last time I’d done all that was when I came to Disney with my grandma and aunt in ohhh 1991??   It was all pretty familiar, but it was so neat to explore it again.   Not sure I’d do it if we were on a time crunch, because it really is just a bunch of food places but the atmosphere is great.  I got a picture of the kids in each world, so that’ll be cute to have 🙂

In Japan, Hudson had some issues…. he’s had a lot of tantrums and stuff this trip.  He seems to be having a hard time with changes and we’re going through this regression stage right now.  UGH.   I let the kids pick out some cute chopsticks (that are easy for kids to use… they have some at home they use to eat soup and some foods with just to make eating fun, so I thought it’d be neat to let them pick out a new pair).   They picked out their chopsticks and then we came upon these little glass owls that were different colors…. they were supposed to bring luck, wealth, happiness… etc…. Hudson wanted one BADLY.  They were $5.  Nope.  He asked if he could put the chopsticks back and get the owl instead.  I told him no, because I was offering to buy the chopsticks and it wasn’t a trade.   He got pissed.  I gave him the option to get the chopsticks or nothing.  He chose the chopsticks.  At the register, I paid and then took the bag and told the kids that the chopsticks go in the stroller and we are not taking them out until we get home.  He threw a tantrum, stomping and saying this is stupid.  I calmly turned to the cashier and took out his chopsticks and told her I needed to return them.  She looked at me like I was crazy.  I returned them right there, 2 seconds after buying them.  GRAR.   He was pissed, and fumed for quite awhile.   (At the next world, I gave the kids pennies to throw in a water fountain to make wishes.  He said “Guess what I wished for, Mom.”   I suggested “A better attitude?  Or did you wish for a new family?”  HAHAHAH!   He said he wished for a pet parakeet for Christmas.  HA!  Fat chance!)

We had lunch at Via Napoli Restaurant (ok that’s not the name but that’s what I can remember of the name).  Italian food.  Delish!  I love Italian food though!

We ended the day back at the pool.  We didn’t leave the park until 4pm or so, so I figured it was too late to try to nap.   We all had so much fun at the pool.  The kids swam until dark.  We grabbed food at the cafe and ate by the pool.   At dark they set up an inflatable movie screen and played Big Hero 6.  The boys watched for a bit and then headed back to the room for bed.

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