amelia’s bedroom

Kids bedrooms are my favorite to decorate… and not even joking, partially why I want my kids to all have separate bedrooms- SO I HAVE MORE KID ROOMS TO DECORATE!   Amelia’s room is the smallest of the 4 kids rooms (not by much… just because of this jutted out area where the fireplace from downstairs takes up part of her room).  When we moved, I didn’t change anything about her room… basically just painted the same color, put up her same curtains and bed and decor and voila!
Here is her bedroom before:


And here it is now!

Her curtains are just fabric from JoAnn Fabrics.  I’m super sucky at sewing so I literally sew a straight line and use the ring clips to attach the curtains.

I adore her Jenny Lind bed, although I’m sure we’ll upgrade her to a full sized bed in a couple years.  I’ll miss the antique bed though!


Pennant Banner was found at Target and the metal butterfly was from World Market.   The frames and pictures are all either thrift store finds and painted or printed off by me.  I found her dresser at a thrift store and painted it too.  Reminds me… we have the headboard that matches it.  HMM.

The “I Love You To The Moon And Back” picture I found at this little shop in Grand Haven this summer when we were on vacation.

Tassle banner is from Target and the signs Porter and I painted for Amelia’s nursery.  Shelf is from Ikea.


My mom painted this giraffe picture for Amelia at one of those “painting parties”.

Little tchotchkes on her shelf.   I adore nesting dolls.  The unicorn and copper piggy bank were mine as a child.   We bought this doll for her in Eze, France.




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