hudsons bedroom

While our house was completely not our style when we moved in (and it is still a continual, slow work in progress), we were pretty lucky that it was in a sense kind of a blank slate for us to work with.  Errrrr for me to work with.  HAHA!   Decorating and all this jazz is 99% of the time my idea.   Our home had been built and lived in by one family only, and upon selling, they were empty nesters.   So… they had this huge 6 bedroom home to themselves!   I’m pretty sure the entire upstairs hadn’t been used in awhile!

Everything was wood trim (typical of late 90’s-2000’s homes) and lots of hunter green (think cabinet knobs, ceiling fans, light fixtures) and wallpaper (in the kitchen and bathrooms and laundry room).  Easy fixes, so that’s great.

The kids bedrooms got a quick paint job- walls AND trim (so many thanks to my grandma and LeeAnn for helping me!)

Hudson’s room started out like this:


And now looks like this:

In our old house, the boys shared a room, and Porter claimed the bunk beds.    Hudson got a new bed + dresser (Ikea) and quilt set (Pottery Barn on eBay b/c its older) and most of the other things in his room were from our old house.   The painting behind his bed was inspired (errr knocked off) from Land of Nod.   I love finding paintings that I know I can recreate and do them myself… and save myself $150 or so 🙂  I painted this one back in 2010.

I adore the doll beds in his room… he and Amelia play dolls with Amelia + Eloise’s Bitty Babies.  Right now Lulu’s Bitty Baby has been claimed by Hudson and has a few boy outfits.

Hudson LOVES animals… Pugs especially.   We found this artwork at Home Goods not too long ago. Not sure if I need or want curtains…. probably “need” them (aka… it’ll look better/more finished with curtains) but… I dunno.

The desk is something I got at a garage sale or thrift store years ago.  It’s bounced from Porter’s room to the basement to Porter’s new room now to Hudson’s room.

Ikea Expedit:  I LOVE THESE!  As I share pictures from our house… you’ll see they’re practically in every room.


Hudson painted the panda picture…. I painted the dog pic (knock off from Pottery Barn)… and the H was made by me.  Simple… paint a board, draw out your shape, put in nails and wind string around every which way.

This little picture is actually a Curly Girl card that I framed.

Can’t leave out his little plants!



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