iberostar paraiso beach | day 2

The short of it:
-I realized I left my good camera charger and extra battery at home, and that the battery in my camera was almost dead.
-unsuccessful attempts at locating a universal battery charger for a canon slr left me nearly in tears.  Omg I’m 2 for 2 in crying this vacation.
-we are figuring out the paths at the resort and it’s not as confusing to get from our room building to the restaurants
-reservations at the specialty restaurants was a no-go.  We’ve been here less than a day and there are zero reservations available except a 9:30pm at the Japanese restaurant.    Looks like we will buffet it all week.  This was A bit disappointing considering you only get 2 reservations for the week.  We will survive after I get over my grumpiness about it.
-I attempted to Amazon Prime a camera charger and it wouldn’t arrive Until the day we leave
-Eloise was a beast all day.  Tantrums.  Whining.  Being defiant.  Basically, a 180 from her personality.  I wished multiple times today that we’d left her home.  But I’m a weirdo that feels like a “family vacation” with only part of the family isn’t right.  I should reconsider.
-we hung out at the pool most of the day.  Found perfect seats right by a zero entry spot and the swim up bar.  Score!  After a few daiquiris I was in better spirits
-met a family from Chicago with kiddos the girls’ age.  Their daughter is 4 and played with Amelia.
-bought overpriced pool floaties because my kids had floaty envy of the Chicago kids pool floats
-the big kids spent most of the morning at the swim up bar with Ryan.



-we discovered porter knows how to swim doing the back stroke and also swim halfway correctly going forward.  What’s that called?  The breast stroke?  I have no idea.  I signed the 3 bigs up for swim lessons last week so this will be good for him!  Amelia is being a fish as usual.  She’s swimming underwater, doing flips underwater and all over the 5′ deep area.
-we had lunch at the snack place near the beach.  Afterward we walked down to the beach and it is so much more beautiful than I remember!   It was crowded but oh the water.   So teal and aqua and turquoise!
-we all went back to the room to rest around 2pm or so.  In addition to Lulus random tantrums and fits, she screamed about taking a nap in the crib.  I’m pretty sure whoever is above and below and next to our room must think we beat children all day.  Believe me I’m tempted to.
-we think Lulu might have a little bit of sun poisoning.   Maybe this is why she’s so cranky.
-we are dinner at La Plaza.  Same place as breakfast.  (There are 2 buffet restaurants and I think they’re pretty much the same). There were wild cats running through the restaurant.  Weird and kind of gross.

-after dinner we went to the kids show at 8pm.  Amelia went on stage and played the games.  The boys wouldn’t budge from their chair.  The audience was basically us.  Haha!   Not sure where the parents were of the kids that were in the show.  Odd.






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