iberostar paraiso beach | day 3

The short version:
Vacation was revived with lots of alcohol all day long and sitting by the side of the pool for 6 hours. Traveling with 4 kids isn’t THAT bad, I guess.
The long version:
We woke with a renewed sense of…. peace.  Wait.  What am I writing?  Weirdo.   Anyhow… the day started pretty good.   We headed to breakfast and felt confident in our abilities to get around this huge resort.   It’s not really THAT huge once you figure it out but your first or second day it just feels… crazy.  chaotic.    So, breakfast it was.    We had cereal and yogurt and pancakes and french toast and fruit and orange juice.  YUM.   We went back to the room, sunscreened up and then headed to the pool.

We got the same spot we were in yesterday… perfect.  The boys hit up the swim up bar at 10:05am, just after they opened.  Our friends from Chicago joined us shortly later and we basically drank and swam and relaxed all day.   We think Lulu got sun poisoning… the spots on her back and arms were getting worse as she was out in the sun.   I bought her an overpriced freaking swim shirt from the little shop by the pool.   It worked, though.

I grabbed a couple plates of food from the little restaurant by the pool/beach and the kids snacked by the pool.  Lulu cracked me up by lounging back, ice cream cone in one hand, hot dog in the other… picking up pieces of noodles off her belly.  Ryan put her in the stroller after she ate and walked her around.  She passed out, and slept in the stroller for a LONG time.

Amelia told us she secretly peed in the pool.  Awesome.  Though I bet with all the people sitting around the swim up bar, drunk, that many other people drunkenly choose to pee in the pool rather than get out and go to the bathroom. Kind of gross, but likely very true.


The days actually seem kind of short here.   By 5pm its getting shady and the sun is setting.   We went back to the room around 4:30 and everyone showered and got dressed for dinner.   We walked to the shopping mall near the resort and the kids played on the playground and rode the merry go round. I bought an ornament for our vacation, and then we went to dinner.


We watched the kids show after dinner.   Amelia and Angela (her little friend from Chicago) ran back stage to get in on the show.   I about died laughing when they came out.  Clearly the kids who went to kids club and practiced the dance came out first (all dressed like cats).  They sent out Amelia and Angela (who had no clue what the dance was), out later… they had these huge fuzzy hats on their heads, black body suits and Amelia could barely see through the fuzzy hat.  She looked like a deer in headlights coming out, trying to figure out how to see.   I was dying laughing.

Our kids can’t hang as long as we can, and were asking to go back to the room to go to bed.  Lame.   But whatever.  Earlier today, Ryan and Porter did a quickie intro to scuba in the pool.  Tomorrow they’re doing scuba lessons and going out into the ocean on Monday.   They have an actual hand signal for “shark” so…. uhm.  yeah.  That sounds safe.


Amelia: mom, what am I allergic to?
Me: nothing
Amelia: I feel like I’m allergic to paper


Amelia:   “Don’t pick that plant. It’s a confusing plant.  I mean, it’s a poison ivy plant.  But it looks really pretty!!”


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