iberostar paraiso beach | day 5


I can’t believe we only have 2 days left.   As I walked to breakfast with the 3 littles, I realized I’m glad we didn’t do say, a 4-5 day trip.  I am realizing it takes us a good 2 days to really settle into a groove on vacation.  This morning started out chilly so I was thinking a pool day would be out of the question.
Ryan and Porter left early to snorkel in the ocean.  Porter was in hysterics before they left.  He doesn’t want to go at all.


After breakfast, we went to the pool.  Ryan and porter joined us after they got back to the resort.  Porter refused to dive so he sat on the boat.  Awesome waste of $$.   Amelia was whiny and didn’t want to get in the pool so ryan took her to kids club.  We probably should have sent the kids all weekend to kids club.


-the resort brought around 2 parrots to take pictures with.  So well behaved and gentle! The boys got their pictures taken with them and of course I paid for the overpriced pics.

Hudson went to kids club around noon.  Both of them had a blast.  They got their faces painted, had lunch with kids club, took a golf cart tram thing to the theater and watched a bit of a movie, rehearsed for the show that night, got ice cream, balloon animals and played at the beach.  What?!   So fun!   Ry and I and the other 2 kids went and showered for dinner then picked a+h up at kids club around 5:30.

-while Hudson and Amelia were in kids club, ryan went back out for his 2nd dive in the afternoon, and porter Eloise and I hung out at the pool. I grabbed a plate of food from the snack buffet for lunch, and then was able to walk Lulu to sleep in the stroller, and she napped for about an hour while porter and I swam.   The water isn’t so bad once you get in and get used to it.

-Amelia and Hudson were going to be in the show after dinner.  Hudson freaked himself out and ran out from back stage and had all sorts of excuses why he wasn’t going to do it. (You won’t even watch me.  You are going to sit on your phone (we were passing the time waiting the 15 min for the show to start playing a game on our phones), I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do, blah blah.   I explained to him he was using other people as an excuse when he really was just nervous about it and it’s okay to just say he’s too scared but he needs to admit he’s letting fear control him and it’s not other people’s actions preventing him from doing it.  Ugh.

-Amelia was a leopard in the show.  It was a circus theme.  They had acrobats (the girls even got on these silk rope things and did tricks- so impressive!!!) and leopards (aka tigers haha) with a ring master, and clowns.  It was such a cute show.  We left after the kids show because Eloise had only had an hour nap and was melting down.  No one else had napped so…. that’s definitely necessary to stay for the late show at 9:30!!

Again, Eloise was up at 5am screaming and being inconsolable.   Ryan and porter had her in their room.   That girl… she’s having a rough week. 

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