iberostar paraiso beach | day 4

-ryan and Porter left early for snorkeling lessons in the pool.  I took the other 3 kids to breakfast at the restaurant near our room, and then we walked to the beach for a bit.  Hudson rebuilt a sand alligators leg, and we swung in the hammocks for a few minutes.

-we went down to the pool around 10am again- it seems to be the typical time we make it down there.  It was an overcast day and thus a bit chilly, an rarely anyone was at the pool after half an hour or so.

-ryan and Porter’s snorkeling lesson went until about 10:45.   The kids didn’t last long.  Amelia whined and complained that it was cold, and Eloise was fussy.   They went to get breakfast and I took the other 3 to change and we decided to walk up to the shopping mall and play on the playground.

-I was in a grumpy mood- a combination of Ry and p’s snorkeling taking an hour and a half longer than expected, the kids whining, and feeling like we had a day wasted that was too chilly to go to the pool.
-the kids had ice cream and played on the playground.  Kept them busy and entertained.  Except Hudson.   Someone always has to be disgruntled.  We can never have 4 kids happy at the same time.


-nap time.  Everyone took a nap.  Of course it took Eloise an hour to fall asleep.  She only ended up sleeping 45 minutes by the time everyone else woke up.

-we went to get a quick snack/late lunch by the pool and then took the kids for a really quick for a dip in the pool before dinner

-we had reservations at the Mexican a La Carte restaurants or dinner.   The kebabs were good.  Tacos very very bland. (Basically tasted like ground beef and a corn tortilla shell.).  Honestly I liked their appetizer buffet better.  Chicken chimichangas were grub.


-we went to the show after dinner.  There were more kids there this evening.  The show was hilarious.  They dressed the kids up then sent them out on stage in different groups to dance to popular music.  Some of the kids really got into it and it was so funny.  The boys wouldn’t participate and Amelia just stood frozen on stage haha!

-we stayed for the second show (more adult geared) and we all cracked up at it.   It was “the best couple” and they had some hilarious games.

-we didn’t get to bed until after 11.  I’ll ignore the fact that Eloise woke up screaming from 3-4am and was inconsolable.   I feel horrible for the people in the rooms around us.







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