outside the box

Oh this boy. The other day he wanted me to put Lulu’s bike seat on his bike so that he could ride Logan around on his bike. That seemed like a big task, and I thought to myself there has to be some kind of doll bike seat, right? We looked up American Girl Doll bike seats and sure enough…. Amazon sold them. He used is birthday money to buy it and couldn’t be happier to ride Logan around on his bike.

This morning he told he he can’t imagine why anyone would ever sell their dolls. I explained that at some point he won’t want to play with dolls, like… when he’s in high school. He looked at me shocked and said “uhm no! I would still want to play with Logan!” Hahaha uhmmmm yeah we will see.

I love that he gives no $h#+$ what other kids his age think and even took Logan into school to show his 3rd grade class. He may have me banging my head against the walls most days with his quirks but he’s such an awesome, unique little dude. I just adore him.

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