It’s not easy parenting four.

These four.

This stage of motherhood has been so hard. I feel like the past year I’ve been in the weeds and can’t find the joy in it. 4 completely different personalities and 4 completely different age stages. Most days I fall into bed feeling defeated and ready to give up on this parenting gig. I feel like Im not cut out to be their mom. I feel like God made a mistake in trusting me to raise them (silly. I know He does not make mistakes).

I’m trying to remind myself that it’s okay to not be perfect, and I never will be. And it’s okay for them to not be perfect because they never will be. It’s hard to look at these long, tiring days and feel like you’re getting ANYWHERE good. I won’t lie, this tween stage is not my favorite. At all. I’d prefer to be a mama of 2-6 year olds all day long if I had my choice.

But here we are. Here I am. Their mama. And I’ll close this day out hoping I’ve done one good thing for them and praying tomorrow we make progress and take steps in the right direction, and I can give them an ounce more grace and patience than I did the day before. Even on the days where it’s hard to like this mom job, I know there isn’t anything else I’d rather be doing.

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