give this man a trophy

I’m suffering from post-Convention hangover (it’s a real thing, for serious), and I couldn’t muster up the words yesterday to sum up anything significant about Ryan Barczak. I knew if I tried, after traveling all day on 3 hours of sleep, I would not do him justice. And besides… he’d get lost in the slew of hundreds of other Father’s Day posts yesterday. So, today is the day.

I lucked out big time with this guy. Not only is he an amazing husband who loves me through some really ugly times (I’m not always a nice person… and sadly my family probably sees and gets THE WORST parts of me most often), he’s an incredible father to our little crew of minions.

This past week he selflessly stayed home to take care of our 4 (adorable, precious, wild, crazy, insane) children while I spent the week at a work event in Utah. He should have been there with me- while he doesn’t necessarily “work this business” with me on the frontlines, he takes care of all the ugly shit behind the scenes (like bookwork, taxes, financial planning, lawyer stuff, meetings that deal with money and finances… things that literally make me want to bury my head in the sand). He has built amazing friendships among other husbands/men in this business to the point where, among my Diamond colleagues in Young Living, I feel like I should introduce myself as “Hi, I’m Nicole, Ryan Barczak’s wife” HAHA! I felt guilty for asking him to stay home, but I needed it for my sanity. I don’t relax when I know the kids are with someone other than one of the 2 of us, and I knew that if he were home with them I wound not worry for a minute, and could focus on my team, my people, my work.

That right there is priceless…. I left this guy home with 4 kids and ZERO lists or instructions. I didn’t have to ask him to do a thing or remind him of anything because HE’S GOT THIS. He has this dad gig down and he rocks it.

This guy right here… semi-retired from the workforce 2 years ago and stepped into a role that flipped his world upside down. Stay at home dad. He’d always been the one leaving for work in the morning and coming home at dinnertime. He now does carpool, lunches, pre-school pickup, coaches sports, is on the football board, taxi’s kids around, makes dinner (amazing dinners!)… the whole 9 yards. There are times I feel he’s far more qualified to care for these 4 hoodlums than I am anymore (which is another guilt piece all in itself).

He is my rock and my partner in this crazy life and I could never ask to do this parenting gig with anyone else. Happy Father’s Day Ryan! ❤

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