6th birthday party | amelia jane

Amelia LOVES Spirit the horse… and wanted a Spirit themed birthday. First off… there really isn’t anything out there party-themed to buy for Spirit so I got creative. I found a couple horse cakes that were cute and used her favorite color (purple) and the colors from the cake for the party decor. When in doubt… just go with colors!

The cake is from the Dexter Bakery and they did an amazing job! I ordered the Spirit and Lucky statues from Amazon, I think.

Decorating was easy… everything came from Party City. A roll of polka dot wrapping paper works great for a table runner!

Every birthday party needs some kind of craft, amiright? Amelia loves painting and art, and she loves horses. So, let’s combine it! I bought some 5×7 canvases, and cut out horse silhouettes from my Silhouette Cameo and had them ready for the guests to paint. They painted over the canvas, we let it dry and then peeled off the horse. So cute and easy!

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