can i be real here?

I’m having a crummy day. I’ve had some major tension in my back for a few days (brought on by….. sweeping he barn aisle of all things!) and I’m likely desperately in need of a chiropractor adjustment and a good deep massage. My back had set off some neck tension, this resulting in a tension headache. Fun times!
Let’s top that with two days worth of football practice (2 kids!), drum practice, appointments, and 4 kids’ open houses AND we are trying to get ready to leave for a last summer hurrah to Chicago. Oh… and today my brain decided that I’m overwhelmed with all the clutter and kid chaos/mess in the house so instead of doing things I need to be doing (packing + working on marketing for September), I’ve been in this rage to thrown ALL THE THINGS away and organize. Why does it work that way? (Honestly though…. stress in my life results in me “organizing my spices” aka trying to control some aspect of my life). .
I finally got the girls to bed, cleaned up the playroom myself (even though a certain 3 year old made most of the mess by dumping all the bins out… it was just easier to do it myself). And I’m sitting in a hot hot bath with lots of epsom salt + oils. Aroma Siez + Lavender + Marjoram. Yes, Marjoram. .
Let me tell you a little about Marjoram oil. Not many people think to turn to this odd little oil, but it’s a favorite of mine for any muscular support + relieving tension. It also calms the nervous system, thus positively impacting your cardiovascular system. It can be used as a digestive aid and mood/hormone balancer as well. There are a ton of uses…. check out this article for more in depth info!
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