growing up is hard

Rough morning for this sweet babe.  She rocked her first day of preschool…. went in like a champ, and barely said goodbye to me. Her grin when I walked in to her room to pick her up was incredible. Her eyes lit up and she ran and jumped in my arms, SO excited about her first day at school.

Today isn’t going so well.  She wanted to wear her swimsuit (which she wore all day yesterday to “be a ballerina”) and even slept in last night.  She doesn’t want to go to school. She cried. And cried. It’s going to be a rough drop off for Ryan. :-(. I promised her when she got home I’d have her swimsuit waiting with ballerina music on and we’d dance and have lunch together.

Why is this growing up and spreading their wings stage so hard on a mamas heart? I pray she has an amazing day today and loves her Miss Kim as much as she did yesterday when she was telling EVERYONE about her preschool and teacher.

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