disney day 1 | magic kingdom

Day 1:  Magic Kingdom
After a long day of travel on Saturday (waking up at 4am, and flying from 8:20-1:20, and Lulu being the only one who napped!), we had gone to bed early and were ready to take on Magic Kingdom!  Staying at the Polynesian, we were excited to be on the monorail and have quick rides from our resort to MK and Epcot.
We got to MK early enough for rope drop, meaning… we were in the park and near the castle before 9am.  Lulu was really cranky, and wanted no part in pictures, but was excited to see the welcome show in front of the castle with all of the princesses.
Dress is from Amazon: LINK (layered with a long sleeve black tee)

Amelia picked the first ride… Space Mountain.  This is her first trip that she’s able to ride most of the rides (except Rock n Rollercoaster), and she’s SO excited to try all of the roller coasters!   I don’t care for Space Mountain, and neither does Porter, so we split up.  Ryan took Amelia and Hudson on Space Mountain right away, and Porter and I took Lulu to do a few little kid things while we waited.  

We rode the teacups and carousel, and then went to see Enchanted Tales with Belle, which was a first for us!  It was a cute show and Lulu thought it was great to see Belle!  She couldn’t believe Lumiere was real haha!

We grabbed a snack/breakfast at Gaston’s- I’d heard the cinnamon rolls there were great, and they were!   I had an awful scare while waiting for Ryan to get the cinnamon rolls.  I had all 4 kids out by the water fountain and suddenly realized Lulu and Porter were nowhere to be found.  Porter had been asking for his gift card and I’d told him no, he wasn’t carrying it around, so I figured maybe he’d walked off to a shop or something- being mad at me.  And maybe Lulu followed?  I frantically ran around the area, searching for Lulu’s red skirt, but didn’t see her anywhere.  I ran into a shop, down to the Ariel ride, near the Belle show etc.   I couldn’t imagine Lulu wandering off- it’s not like her to get too far away from us.  All I could think was someone took her.   I ran back inside Gaston’s for a second time, getting ready to call 911 or something, anything, and there I saw her and Porter, sitting at a table inside as Ryan sat cinnamon roll down on the table.  I was furious.  My heart was pounding and I couldn’t believe they’d go inside without telling me.  I mean, at least Porter!  It took a good half hour for me to calm down and my anxiety to go away after that.
We rode the Little Mermaid ride, checked out Toon Town- hoping to go on Dumbo but the ride was 60 minutes!  We then went to Thunder Mountain Railroad where we did the rider swap, and then had lunch at Pecos Bills then went on Splash Mountain.  This was my first time riding and I was nervous!  Amelia was SO excited. This girl LOVES roller coaster and thrill rides!  By this time it was 2:30 or so, and the wind was picking up and temps were dropping.  It’d been 65ish all day but it was down to 56 degrees and everyone was getting cold.
Even though it was cold, the kids were begging for ice cream (I’d promised them!) so we got ice cream, went through the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse and then over to Seven Dwarves mine train for our last fast pass.  THEN we went on the Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland- a first for all of us as well.  It was neat, and most importantly warm inside HAHA!
The crowds were insane at Magic Kingdom today.  We really didn’t get to do many little rides for Lulu, which felt like such a bummer.  I think with it being a holiday weekend (MLK) it’s going to be crazy tomorrow as well.   Hopefully by Tuesday the crowds will be lower and we will have that good, typical, end of January low crowds!

  • Take a carrier… even for almost-4-year-olds!   This was our first trip with 4 kids only taking a single stroller.  Amelia is 6.5 but if there’s a stroller in sight… she’s wanting to ride.   Most of the time she walked, but there were times she was tired and it was nice to be able to throw Lulu on my back in the Tula.   Ok… doesn’t hurt that she’s a whopping 25lbs at 3.5 years old… so I guess a carrier wouldn’t be super helpful for heavier kids.
  • Rope drop is the best if you can make it there!  At Magic Kingdom, that means you get to the park like 30-45 minutes early and they let you into the “Main Street” of Magic Kingdom before the park actually opens.  You can go into the shops, grab breakfast muffins from Starbucks, get a pic with the castle (although the lighting kind of sucks for the castle pics in the morning) and then head up to the castle to watch a little show before the park opens.  The princesses and Mikey + Minnie come out and dance and do a little show.  SO cute.
  • Utilize Rider Swap!  Oh my word this gave the big kids lots of advantages to ride rides more than once!  Kind of sucked for Eloise but… take one for the team, kiddo.  HAHA!
  • Mobile Order your quick service meals!  I’ll be honest… I feel like QS restaurants are a shit show and I loathe mealtime.   Once we got the hang of mobile ordering, it was easy peasy and cut down on the waiting in line!

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