disney day 2 | epcot


COLD!  What is this weather, Florida?  I think it was 39* when we got up?  The warmest clothes we’d brought were leggings and light sweatshirt jackets.  OOPS!   On our way to Epcot, we stopped for gigantic donuts and hot chocolate at the Transportation Center.   YUM!


We knew Epcot was going to be crowded based on Magic Kingdoms crowds yesterday.   We got a late start and arrived at Epcot right at 9am… opening time. However, people were already through security and the check in gates and waiting togo into the park.  It took quite awhile, and by the time we got in, Test Track already had an hour wait.   So, we went to Soarin’ and were able to get on with a 30 minute wait and scored some Fast Passes with rider swap.

While Ryan and the boys rode Soarin, I took the girls to the Nemo ride and we spent some time int eh aquarium.  Then, Amelia Porter and I rode Soarin’.  It was way better than I remembered!  We sat in Row B1, as a recommendation from Jamie.   Then we headed over to Mission Space, and ran into Carly and Joe and their family.  The girls were all dressed as Anna and it was So cute!

We rode Misson Space (twice) and then decided to go around the countries and work our way toward Morocco for our lunch.  Holy moly was it busy. Not only was it busy, but there was an Art Festival going on and it made the streets more crowded.  I’d made up packets for the kids to complete info about each country, but because of the crowds they really weren’t able to talk to the cast members.   Big bummer.We made it through Canada and then had to head to lunch in Morocco.  We at at Marrakesh, which was pretty good!  It was different than our norm but good.  Hudson, however, ordered a Lamb Shank and none of us realized it’d come on the bone.  He was grossed out and refused to eat.  There was a belly dancer which was fun to watch, and the girls went ad dance with her when she invited kids to come on the dance floor.

After lunch we walked to Frozen to ride that ride, and then the girls and I waited to see Anna and Elsa while the boys went to ride the Donald ride in Mexico.   We went to meet them afterward and had NO idea that there was so much inside the Mexico pyramid!  The Mexican restaurant sounded delish

We had wanted to make our way back around to Canada and work our way through each country but at this point it was SO crowded there wasn’t really any way to “enjoy” each country. There were people everywhere, you couldn’t get a feel for the scenery in each country because it was just… people.  everywhere.  So we called it quits and went to Turtle Talk with Crush.   Amelia got picked to ask a question and it was so cute!

For dinner we headed back to our hotel and at eat Captain Cooks.   The food was pretty good!TIPS:
• Best seats on Soarin’ is in Row B1!
• Don’t go to Epcot during a festival or special event if you want to avoid the most crowds.  At least, that’s my experience!
• We didn’t do Akershus this year, but we’ve done both breakfast and lunch at Akershus before.   We prefer breakfast!  Our friends did an early breakfast and the were in the park already and could hop on rides… so that’d be our plan of attack next year!  (This year we did Cinderella’s Royal Table for a dinner to see princesses.   I will say, the interaction at Akershus was WAY better.  CRT was very… assembly line photo op with the princesses)

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