little rider

Eloise has always been pretty timid around the horse… complete opposite of how Amelia has been since she was a toddler.   That’s just their personalities- Amelia is fearless and confident that she can take on anything she tries.  Eloise is more cautious about trying new things.
The other day Eloise said she wanted to ride Lacey.  I told her that we could get out the bareback pad and she could ride once it got warmer, and that Charlie would probably be better for her to ride (he’s a bit calmer, smaller, and more level headed than Lacey).  She said “I don’t want to ride Charlie!  He’s a boy!”  It was so funny!  That was literally the only reasoning she didn’t want to ride Charlie.  She’s such a girly girl.
The sun was out yesterday afternoon and Eloise was begging me to ride Lacey.  I really wanted/needed to get some work done in my office but finally decided that she never asks to ride the horses so I really should take her up on it.  So, we headed out to the barn to brush them out and I figured I’d walk her around on the lead line.
Lacey was hopped up on winter laziness.   I had to lunge her, in which she cantered and bucked and tossed her head like a maniac.  She finally calmed down (girlfriend, you’re 27… and you haven’t cantered in a good 6 months old lady!) she was good to go.  I threw Lulu up on her, Amelia got Charlie out to lead him around (he hasn’t been ridden since just after New Years so he’s going to need a little tune up before she rides him) and we spent a good hour and a half walking around the yard and went on a “trail ride” down the road to the mailbox and back.

Charlie got spooked by something by the creek and nearly jumped on Amelia, freaking her out.  I got the beginning of it on a Live Photo and it’s hilarious.   He jumped up and kicked out, and she dropped the lead rope and ran to the side of the driveway.  After his tiny freak out he just stopped and waited for her like “sorry about that”.
Today Eloise has been bugging me to ride Lacey alllll day.  I’m kind of excited… she might just end up being a rider too!

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