girls bathroom inspiration

I am feeling most inspired by bathrooms in this new house build.  Like… I just want to design and decorate the bathrooms.  Is that weird?  Oh.  Uhm well…..

The girls’ bathroom is a Jack and Jill between their rooms.  They’ll have a double sink (as will the boys) and a separate shower/toilet “room” so that one can shower and one can do their makeup/hair once their older.   At least that’s how I envision this working.   (Pretty sure, based on my track record, it probably won’t work out that way HAHA!)

This first bathroom up top is from At Home with Ashley and I adore the girly feel of it.  From the beginning, I’ve pictured a subway tile wall about half to 2/3 high and then a fun wallpaper above for the girls’ bathroom. I love the gold fixtures and the round mirror. All things on my vision board for this room.

SOURCE:  At Home with Ashley

Actually…this picture was my first inspiration pic for the girls’ bathroom.   It’s a little more… uhmmm… victorian/formal? than my style but I do love the bright bold colors in contrast to the gold and stark white!

SOURCE:  Shop House Design

I was also picturing this penny tile with black flowers for the floor… but I think I’d have to forgo the wallpaper or do a more simple wallpaper?   I’m afraid it’d look too busy.

I also really like the soft, muted colors of this bathroom!  We won’t have the neat ceiling angles in their bathroom but the penny tile floor, subway walls and a splash of muted wallpaper with maybe a gold mirror and blush pink vanity would be adorable! 

SOURCE: Addison’s Wonderland

While we are talking girls’ bathrooms…. how cute is this mermaid tile?? I initially was thinking I’d just do plain subway tile in the girls’ bathroom (they have a jack and Jill bathroom), but I really love the girly feel of this. But will this get old? Will they outgrow it? Would you only do this in the shower and subway tiles around the room?

SOURCE: Studio McGee

Another concern I have is our well water. Our current home, even with a water softener, still has kind of rusty water. I’m so nervous about white grout in our showers! 😳😫. Thoughts??


  1. The gold accents in the bathroom remind me of Rachel’s house. You can see it on the AirBNB page.
    We had white grout in our Atlanta house and I regretted it. It always looked dirty.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking!! I’m going to have to do darker grout in the showers for sure.

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