masterpiece of my heart

Awhile back I had this idea for the kids to paint self portraits for the playroom.  I have a bit of an obsession with kid-art… I adore artwork done by kids (especially mine hahah!). So, I bought a large canvas and one day had Amelia do a bunch of random painting/shapes on the background to fill it in.  And then that blue canvas with circles sat for ohhh a year?  

This winter I finally decided we’d take the time to have her paint a picture on it.   I had wanted to have Hudson do it but we attempted a smaller project a few months before and he overanalyzed everything and kept trying to redo things because it wasn’t “perfect”, which kind of is out of the freestyle kid art form.   He can be so critical of his artistic abilities, especially as he has gotten older, but he really is talented! Anyhow, I decided I’d let Amelia take a stab at it. She loves painting and is pretty easy to give directions to, and I knew this project would be time consuming and would take many steps.

There are probably a million different ways to teach kids art and painting, and I doubt mine is completely right but I figured I’d share how I helped guide Amelia through a big painting like this. 

I think the most important thing to remember is to work on a painting in small steps and to let the paint dry in-between colors so they don’t smear and bleed into each other.

• We started with the faces.  I had her put her hand on the canvas to make head a little larger than her hand.  So she made the 4 heads for her and her siblings, and then paint necks on them.  This was the first step, and then we let them dry.  

• A few days later she added the bodies.  I gave her an example and let her do the painting herself.  She did a great job!  I helped her see how they could overlap (she was a little worried she ran out of room) but I think it turned out great!

• Then we went to the faces.  I got pictures of each of the kids out so she could look at their faces/hair when she did their features.   She did everyone’s eyes white.  Then we let it dry.  Then she did their eye color.  Let it dry.  Then the black pupil.  Then let it dry.  Then she did the nose and mouth and individual teeth (SO CUTE how she decided to do the teeth!).  

• After all the facial features dried (we sometimes let them dry a day in between), she did their hairstyles.  I helped her mix colors to get the colors right, but she did the hair herself!

I am so proud of how well she did on this and I love seeing it when we come upstairs to the playroom!.  

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