seville, spain: 2019 diamond retreat

Six years ago I bought some oils from a friend. And then I shared how they were helping our family. And I helped friends get their own kits, and they shared what they were loving. That ripple effect (along with lots of team work!) helped me create, educate and lead a community of 115,000 families who want to take control of the health and wellness of their families.

Never underestimate the power of your own little ripple + some hard work, my friends. We started this by simply sharing things we love, just like you would share about a new favorite restaurant you visited, a great brand of jeans you found, or new music you hear that you love.

Young Living rewards us by taking its top leaders by taking them on an annual trip to visit one of our farms and distilleries so we can learn first hand more about the company. The past few years trips were Australia, Banff, Hawaii, Croatia and France. How incredible is that? What other oil company allows you to learn from in person experiences like this?

This trip was truly magical. I was incredibly anxious about leaving the kids and flying overseas, but ultimately knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. The week leading up to our trip, the weather was calling for rain everyday. However, we had INCREDIBLE weather all week 70ish and sunny! It was amazing.

YL had a few things planned for us during this trip, and we had free time as well. Let me tell you how they spoiled us!


We never really know where they’re taking us, just a general dress code and time to be at the busses. We loaded the busses, drove for about 45 minutes and ended up at a Hacienda de San Miguel de Monteliro. It was GORGEOUS! Our dinner was served in a large building with horse drawn carriages around the outside. During our 4 course meal, we were serenaded with performing horses, dancing and singing.


I had so much to say about the distillery that it has it’s own post.  This was the 6th farm and distillery that I have been able to see and walk through IN PERSON. How many other companies do that? (I’ll give you a hint. Zero). When you claim to be the best essential oil company in the world, you show it and you prove it… and Young Living does just that.

Along with learning about how Cistus is harvested, we also visited Sierra Norte Nature Park and learned about how cork is harvested as well. You know… like wine corks, or cork for shoe soles or cork boards? It’s pretty fascinating!

The trees must be 40-50 years old before they can first be harvested. The cork is actually a very thick bark (3″ or so thick?), and they then scrape the bark off. After that first harvest, it can be harvested every 9 years.


What an incredible experience at the Dehesa la Calera bull farm. We had an exclusive visit to this gorgeous estate where we had a tour through the 3500 acre property. Then we were taken back to the house and barn where we got to see a non-violent bull fight match. It was pretty interesting! I initially chose a different “excursion” (we got to choose between a historic tour, Spanish culinary class, bull farm and formula 1 racecar driving), because I am not a fan of bull fighting. However, after listening to how the bulls live and die, and comparing that to how so many animals for food are treated in the US, I had more of an open mind about it.

The bulls live on a 3500 acre farm, have free range and live a pretty awesome life. They only ever fight once. One time. And if they’re deemed a “good enough fighter” they’ll be saved and go on to breed on the farm. If they are not a good fighter, they’re killed for food. I guess, in the grand scheme of things, the living conditions for many beef cows in the US (not talking smaller farms) is probably far worse than the way these bulls live. I’m still not a fan of bull fighting, but I appreciated the differing perspective.

Our experience was topped off with dinner served at the estate owners home, which was as charming and incredible as you’d imagine a Spanish country home to be!


All week we had heard that there was a special event on Friday morning “pending weather conditions.” Everyone had been trying to guess what it could be… what weather couldn’t be worked around? Well, Thursday we were surprised with a gift in our room: YL branded jackets, wrapped with an invitation to a morning sunrise hot air balloon ride! Shut. Up. I was slightly nervous, but again… this was an opportunity you just don’t pass up!

Back in 2016, YL conducted the largest helicopter transport in Hawaii to take us to a mountaintop to spend the day at our partner Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood farm. This year, they launched the largest people transport in hot air balloons in Spain, bringing in balloons from 4 different countries to fly us over Spain at sunrise. Incredible doesn’t even begin to describe this experience.


After the hot air balloon surprise, we weren’t expecting anything for the farewell dinner. We assumed it would be a typical “go to a venue, have a meal, hear from our amazing corporate team etc”. We boarded the buses, hearing that the ride was 45 minutes away. The buses took off, went around the block, and pulled over in front of the Plaza de Espana! We were kind of confused, but looked out to see dozens of horse drawn carriages lined up… waiting to take us from the buses to the Plaza for dinner!

During dinner, we learned that the Plaza de Espana wasn’t a venue just open to rent out. It took Brittani, our events coordinator, over a year to get permits to have this event at the Plaza de Espana, and had to go through 50 contracts to secure the venue. And then… a week before the event they cancelled the contracts, and with some determination, Brittani pulled through and got the okay just 2 days before the event! Talk about resilience! They pulled out all. The. Stops. To make us feel so incredibly special and appreciated.

I need to disclose this though…. what you’re seeing here might just seem like really pretty pictures from a free trip to Spain, but what it doesn’t show behind the scenes… the late nights, the long hours, the insecurities, losing sleep, losing friends, stretching comfort zones, and making sacrifices to build a thriving business. Would I do it over again? Hell yes. The freedom we have is unlike anything, and I want everyone to be able to experience this type of freedom.

I’m so incredibly thankful for this company. Thankful for the way they spoil us and treat us like royalty. Thankful for the gift of being rewarded for doing a job we truly love. Thankful that they invest in us- giving us these retreats to build relationships with both colleagues and with the corporate team. We never expect anything for doing our jobs, but they continue to surprise and delight us and thank us back for our hard work. I’ve never felt so appreciated by a company in my life.

Go stalk my Spain pics and videos on IG! I have a highlight on my page


  1. WOW…Just WOW! I bet you would have liked to ride on one of those horses! So glad y’all went!

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