Vida De Seville

While we were in Seville, Young Living took us to see our partner farm, the Vida De Seville distillery.   This is one of Young Living’s oldest distilleries and we learned straight from Mary Young & Jared Turner a little about the history of this farm & distillery dating back to the first time Gary Young stepped foot on it in 1996.

Vida De Seville produces Cistus, Frankincense and Myrrh oil. Frankincense and Myrrh are brought in from Somalia.  Both Frankincense and Cistus were being distilled while we were there.  

Cistus is grown locally, and harvested by 30-40 pickers that harvest from the rocky, hilly soil throughout the year.  We got to experience harvesting Cistus while we were there.  This plant is HAND CUT and requires a sharp sickle to cut, and we had to wear orange pads to protect our legs.   This plant is normally harvest between May through October or when it is warm enough. When the sun comes out, resin from the leaves & branches come to the surface of the plant to protect it as a natural sunscreen.  Once it is cut, you only have 24 hours before it needs to be distilled.  After distilling, the Cistus material is used by a local company and is burned to produce electricity.

Christoph, the local man who runs the distillery, had known Gary for 20 years and had all sorts of testimonies about Cistus being used on site to stop bleeding and heal wounds. He referred to Cistus as gold, saying “On this site we distill Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold- Cistus is worth more than gold!” He said that because this treasure of a plant only has a 0.05% return rate when it is distilled.  From 1 ton of plant material, only 200 grams of essential oil is produced.

• CISTUS USES •  Skin maladies, unwanted cells in the colon, stopping bleeding & wound care (just as effective as Helichrysum!)”

Frankincense is difficult to source sustainability and conflict free.  Most Frankincense comes from Somalia, and a vast majority can’t be traced back to the source and guaranteed conflict free.  It’s impossible to trace back to the origin if the company just purchases the resin.   Our company can trace our Frankincense all the way back to the source, making sure our standards are met.  Conflict-free means ethically-sourced (no child labor, etc). This is similar to sourcing coffee and diamonds (have you seen the Blood Diamond movie?).  We sell Boswellia Sacra (from Oman) and Boswellia Carteri (from Somalia)

Frankincense from Somalia was also being distilled during our visit. It first goes into the pressure cooker with water & steam. The heat combined with a swirling motion eventually melts the resin and allows the essential oil to surface to the top.  250 kg of Frankincence yields 5 kg of essential oil. You guys…. this oil should NEVER be found cheap.  Not only does the resin yield a small amount of oil, but Frankincence trees are only found in certain parts of the world and must be 40 years old before the resin can be tapped. The distillation of this plant yields about a 5-6% return rate. The batch you see in these pictures will only make 105 5mL bottles!

Frankincense is clinically proven to fight against replicating, damaging cells, it is known to combat anxiety & depression, it even has anti-aging effects and is a miracle-worker for the skin. Spend a few minutes on and read for yourself 🙂

• Mary’s Frankincence water recipe • 
Mary Young shared that she heats the resin from YL with water to make Frankincence water. She combines that with slique shake and freezes it. Whenever she goes to make a smoothie in the morning she adds some of that frozen mixture with green leafy veggies & fruit for an incredible body-supporting infusion drink.

It’s always such a special experience to see where our oils are grown and distilled. To see the process and experience all the work that’s involved makes me appreciate these oils so much. This is just one small piece of what makes Young Living different. I’m so thankful to be a part of this!

If you’re new around here, and aren’t sure what essential oils are, you can read more information about them here!

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