summer checklist | free download

Summer is right around the corner (Michigan friends… right? Hopeful thinking? Summer has never NOT arrived, right? HAHA!) and I thought I’d reshare a great tool I created last summer for the kids to use. We are pretty laid back during the summer, but sometimes boredom turns into whining for tech time vs being creative and finding their own entertainment. To help with this, I created this chart so the kids could earn a little bit of tech time each day, and expectations were set for how long they’d have and there would (in the perfect world) be no whining over technology.

This checklist gives them “non-negotiables” to complete each day (like basic self care tasks HAHA) and then there are bonus things they can do to earn tech time. I laminated this list and the kids did a pretty good job at completing the non-negotiables before asking for electronics (which is still a limited time per day… we don’t do unlimited tech time).

I made a generic sheet and put in a Dropbox and share with you guys! .

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