earth day birthday | amelia turns 7

I love decorating for the kids’ birthdays. I mean, I looove a good birthday theme. (Want to check out past birthdays we’ve done? Check them out here and scroll on through!)

Amelia was born on Earth Day, and I’ve always thought it’d be fun to do an Earth Day Birthday theme… but wanted it to be her decision. This year was the year she though it was cool to share her birthday with Earth Day, and she was all about this theme. I had intended on making it far more earth friendly… but didn’t quite make it HAHA! I tried.

It turned out to be a great party… just a couple friends from her class came over. They jumped on the trampoline, ran around, had snacks and the time seriously flew by so fast!

Ok. These look super cute. ANd they were super easy (though a little time consuming!). Here’s the deets:
• Make Wilton frosting
• Separate into 4 bowls,
• Color each bowl a different color
• Get 4 different icing tips, and fill each bag with frosting
• Make one big fat swirl, some side zoomy swirls, a few “dollups” and some tiny dots. BOOM.

We brought in some of our plants to fit in with the “Earth Day” theme. Amelia LOVES her ZZ plant, and taped a note on it that said “do NOT touch the plant”. I love that girl.

Earth suckers ordered from Amazon.
• The “7” is made out of a cardboard box, and the girls glued on some scrapbook paper scraps.
• The “earth” garland is just newspaper cut into circles and the girls painted blue and green all over them.

Simple snacks: carrot sticks, grapes + blueberries, cucumbers and trail mix

Biodegradable Earth balloon ordered from Amazon.
Mason jars + paper straws (way to be earth friendly HA) + blue gatorade

We also did a scavenger hunt outside, which Amelia kind of poo poo’ed but I insisted. The kids had fun! Pinterest has a ton of different printable scavenger hunts, but here is one that I used:

Scavenger Hunt Printable from

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