the light peeking through

It’s been nearly 6 years since I became a horse owner again, and this year is the first year that I finally see a little light at the end of the tunnel… a light that is opening up to more freedom to ride.

I took Lacey back when Amelia was 18 months old, and had big dreams of riding multiple times a week. I boarded at a barn with an indoor arena and surely I’d ride all winter! Well, in January, I broke my wrist and required surgery and physical therapy afterward… so there went a good 6 months. \

Later that year, I became pregnant with Eloise, so there went another 6 months of not riding. And then I had a newborn… (and a toddler and 2 bigger kids). Psshh. Time for riding? What’s that?

Lacey moved home (to our property) in 2016, when Eloise was 1. I thought for SURE since she was outside my back door I’d ride ALL THE TIME. Nope. Still nope. Each year since then, I’ve seen that little dot of light getting brighter and bigger… where I’d have a little more freedom to ride here and there. Eloise got a little older and I didn’t feel like there was as much burden when I left all 4 kids with Ryan while I went and did something for myself. ALONE. HA! But I still felt guilt going out to ride… leaving all 4 kids, and well, riding alone is kind of boring (though peaceful!).

This year, however… I’m starting to see a glimpse of future over here. Amelia’s been riding for 2 years, and in the past 6 months has been trail/road riding with me (being ponied behind Lacey). Eloise has been obsessed with riding and begs to ride all the time. In the past few weeks, I’ve been to Waterloo trails riding with Hudson, road riding with Amelia, took Lacey to the barn to ride while Amelia rides Charlie in her lessons, and had the girls out numerous times. This is going to be a busy summer if we keep this up… and I kinda love it!

Tonight I really wanted to veg out and relax, but the girls begged to get the horses out. It makes for a long day when we’ve had a busy day, but HOW CAN I POSSIBLY SAY NO when two little girls are begging to ride horses? So we did. Because I can’t be the one to squash their interest. I want to kindle that fire like its the middle of the winter and our furnace shut down. Having little girls (or kids, in general… the boys just don’t have interest) who love horses and riding is a dream of mine and I’m going to support them in every way, shape and form as long as they’re truly interested.

Amelia saddled up Charlie and I put a bareback pad on Lacey and we took the horses up front to ride in the front pasture. (I can’t wait to have an actual arena at the new house!). Amelia trotted around while I led Eloise (how many calories does one burn when they’re walking and trotting a horse all around the pasture? Please say its 5,000!), and I pretty much made their night because we got to do something they loved.

Yes, I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m seeing more riding days in my future. I’m seeing mother-daughter trail rides. I’m seeing evenings spent in the barn. (and let’s be honest… if Eloise keeps this up, I’m seeing another horse/pony in our future as well. (and a bigger hay and vet bills too haha!)

Yes, that pinhole of light is opening right up, and the light feels good.

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