moana birthday | eloise turns 4

I’m pretty sure this was my favorite birthday party theme to decorate for ever! I found some great DIY ideas on Pinterest, and Target actually had some aloha themed items in their Dollar Spot, and I used some things from around the house. And of course, Amazon Prime came in handy as well!

The #4 is cut out of cardboard with tissue paper “fluffs” glued to it. Easy peasy! I swear, cardboard boxes save the day for making big numbers every birthday!

The leaf garland is from the Dollar Spot at Target. Same with the leis! (Amazon also sells leis in bundles as well).

The cake toppers are Funko POP from Amazon.

Her dress is one we bought for Amelia when we were in Hawaii in 2016. Perfect!

The Kakamora cups… SUCH a cute detail! I ordered the cups from Amazon, though most of the reviews from any of the cups were not so great. I had low expectations. The tops don’t stay on super well if you squeeze them. I decided I’d chance it. They worked out pretty well! I painted the faces on them with acrylic paint from Michaels.

The leaves on the table “runner” are from Amazon as well. I also use them in the balloon arch thingy below.

The balloons… I had low expectations for how the arch would turn out and I was pleasantly surprised! It added some good detail. I just took a string, put a 3m hook on the wall in the middle and taped the ends down. Then I taped the balloons, tissue paper flowers and leaves throughout.

The Heart of Te Fiti…. rocks from our landscaping, painted green and then the design painted on with a paint marker. I had leftover plastic baggies from my photography days, and found the printable background on this website.

The Dexter Bakery did an amazing job with the cake. I legit created a photoshop graphic with how I wanted the cake to look…. “these ruffles from this cake, plus the top from this cake, plus flowers from this cake but placed in the places the flowers are on this cake” HAHA! Hey… I knew what I wanted! It turned out exactly as I’d imagined!

Aloha napkins and umbrellas are from Target’s Dollar Spot.

The pineapple palm tree… ohhh boy that was an interesting project! I saw the idea on Pinterest, and it was slightly more difficult to put together than I’d imagined. The grocery store cut the pineapples in half, so we had to “toothpick” them back together. I used more leaves from Amazon (see above) to stick in the top. The pineapples are actually around some cardboard tubes from Young Living supplements… it was the perfect size.

OH the skirt around the buffet… that’s from Amazon too! I almost bought one from Party City but they were close to $30. I got this one for $12 on Amazon.

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