Macrame tassel diffuser ornament + keychain

This is a super quick and easy tutorial to make these adorable diffuser tassel ornaments/keychains.

2mm Macrame Cord
3mm Macrame Cord
Various Wood Beads (I used between 10mm-18mm I believe)
Lava Beads
• Scissors
Keychain Ring

STEP 1:  Start with about 14″ of the 2mm macrame cord.  For keychain: Loop it around the ring.  For an ornament, just tie a knot leaving a loop. 

STEP 2: String your beads on the cord

STEP 3:  I took a 6″ piece of cardboard and wrapped the 3mm cord around it about 15 times.  

STEP 4:  Take that loop from around the cardboard and tie the 2mm string around it so that you tie the knot right up to the beads.  

STEP 5:  Cut the loop at the bottom so that the tassels will hang down freely.

STEP 6: Take about 6″ of the 2mm cord and tie it around the tassels tightly.

STEP 7:  Trim the ends of the tie

STEP 8:  Cut the ends of your tassels off so they are all even. 

Voila!  Easy as pie. 


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