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Knock on wood, we’re good so far this year on Christmas tree drama… but I thought it would only be appropriate to resurrect the past few years’ drama for shits and giggles. Because honestly, its a week before Christmas and I’m nowhere near done shopping and we can all use some laugher at this point, right?

Let me recap all the drama we’ve had with our real Christmas trees (which is why we have a fake one… boo!)

We used to get real trees, then I got pregnant with Porter and we bought our first fake tree in 2005. In 2012, we decided… let’s go to the tree farm and get a real tree! So, we trekked to the tree farm and picked one out that we “thought” would fit. Wellllll…. I am not sure where I was when Ry was putting the tree up but I obviously was not anywhere near the tree-trimming-area. The tree was OBVIOUSLY too tall, so what did he do?


When I came out to see the tree I just about DIED laughing. We had to take it outside and literally SHAPE the tree into a tree shape. And then it FELL on Porter. Like… FELL OVER ON TOP OF HIM!

The detailed story really is the way to go… so go read it on my blog here. Go pee first, because it’s good.

We had a few years of no drama, and then we moved and left our brand new tree at our old house. So in 2015, we decided to use the 12ft tree the sellers had left us at this house. It was HUGE! We put lights on it and turns out the cheapest lights aren’t the best so we had to basically redecorate the entire 12ft tree TWICE.

No photo description available.
We are undecorating the entire 13′ tree because someone (cough*me*cough) bought the cheap lights and they keep blowing out and won’t stay lit.

In 2016, I nixed the huge tree and decided we’d do a real tree… which ended up being bigger than we expected…. and died a lot quicker than we expected…. 

December 21:

No photo description available.
December 21: “I don’t think our tree is going to make it to Christmas. The bottom branches are pretty much bare. We’ve had 3 branches break from the weight of the ornament and when it falls, hundreds of needles fall. GAHHH!”
No photo description available.
No photo description available.

Check out this video of the needles just falling off:

We had no choice but to go to Target and pick up another tree. So, Ryan goes out December 22 to find an artificial tree… and ended up bringing home another HUGE tree from Target… WITH ALL THE HUGE DECORATIONS FROM THE DISPLAY.

Ryan’s Recap:
So here is the story on the tree last night and how Target won Customer service of the year last night. We had been saying for a week that the real tree wasn’t going to make it until Christmas and I was starting to think it had become a fire hazard. So I told her that we need to go get a fake one to get us through Sunday. After all of our tree adventures she didn’t want any part of doing any of it, so off to Target I went. 

Got there at about 6pm and all they had were 7ft unlit trees or a 6.5ft lit one. I asked someone for help and she said if there is a display then they would sell me that. I said ok I’ll take that big tree in the middle. The look on her face told me that this girl wanted nothing to do with this decision so she called her manager after telling me that she isn’t sure that can sell that particular one.(it was the 10ft for the main Christmas display) The manager came back and then had to go get a lift just to get to the top of the tree to try and scan it for a price. She told me it was indeed for sale at 50% off and asked if I wanted it. Yep! She said it would take some time so I offered to come back in the morning if it were to help them get it taken care off. She said that would be great but if I needed that night they would have it ready for pick up after 10pm. I told her I’d be back after 10 and went back home with Hudson. We had dinner and I tore down the dead real tree. 

I drove back to Target and did some shopping before heading to the checkout where I informed the nice lady that the tree was mine also. She said “oh that’s for you, I heard about that one” I laughed and the told her about the dead one and she went to get the flatbed cart that is was on. When she returned I saw three big bags with it and asked about them. They were full of ornaments.(the big 6-9in ones). I asked about them since they were all individually priced for sale and I wasn’t going to buy them. She asked her manager about the ornaments and when she came back over the walkie talkie she said “Tell him Merry Christmas and we hope this tree works out better for him the his last one”! They gave us the ornaments for free! They took down their main display in a matter out a couple hours and had it up front waiting then helped load it in the Yukon for me! Holy shit that’s some customer service! I’ll post pictures of what it looked like and them when I got home and finally decorated!

No photo description available.
No photo description available.
No photo description available.

2018: Barczak Christmas Tree Debacle year……749? The kittens chewed the lights on the pre-lit tree while it was stored in the basement. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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