*Lah Yoo! Lah Yooo! Lah Yoo!!*

Porter said this to me today as we were leaving Target.  I was picking him up, and while doing that I said “I love you!” and he says “Lah yoo”.  I’ve been waiting FOREVER to hear that from him. AWWW!

And he’s been saying it all day.  I had a session this evening and when I got back he was so excited and ran around saying “Lah yooo Lah yooo Lah yoooo!”  At first I didn’t know what he was saying but Ryan cleared that up for me haha!  Its just tooo cute.

Some pics from today:

Porter and I chowed on some ice cream and played outside this afternoon.  P had vanilla ice cream and I topped it off with pineapple, mango and papaya.  He loved it!



And then this…. Obviously when you’re a toddler, when your hands are full, your mouth counts for an additional limb to carry more toys.

And then this…. Porter is now my sidekick for scooping dog logs.  When I do this chore, he always walks around the yard and finds “Ewwws” for me.  He’ll stand by them, point and say “Ewww mama!  Ewww!”  Well, tonight I got kind of wrapped up in cleaning up the 5million piles and when I turned to see what he was doing, this is what I saw….

Yes, that’s our grill brush.  No, that is not a pile of dog poop.  He’s just “pretending” ok?

  1. Aren’t those just the sweetest times! Porter is saying so much! Just wait if you do get him into daycare & around other children-his vocabulary will grow from 1000+ words a day to 100,000 a day minimum, I PROMISE!
    My little guy loves to ‘quish’ me, one night I was tucking him in & I hugged him sooo tight & he said ‘Mom, your quishing me’ & now it is his version of giving me a bear hug-love them 🙂

  2. Oh, that’s too sweet. It took Annika the longest time to say lu vooo! But, now she says it all the time. There is a huge language boom at 2 years, Annika is talking so much, it’s hard to shut her up, lol! Oh, I also subscribed to google reader, so much easier than checking various blogs during the day! Thanks for the pointer!

  3. Aaaww – that is sooo sweet! I honestly can’t get over how grown up he is.

    Too funny about the dog logs – at least he wants to help, right?

  4. What is with boys and pooper scoopers? Peyton and Cade love to scoop dog poo….wierdos. I’m so jealous Porter is talking! Ava only says “eat” and “ewww”
    Great Pics!

  5. Yayyyy!!! I have been waiting for Tiegan to say “I love you”… she is saying SO much more and seems to be copying EVERY thing I say… except “I love you!!” I am trying hard but no dice yet. lol. She does, though, come up to me & hug me tight, saying “queeeeeee” (meaning squeeze)

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