Another meme… because I have nothing better to write.

20 years ago I . . .
1. I was just starting Kindergarten
2. Loved watching The Price is Right with my grandma
3. Had a crush on Andy Volk in Mrs. Dowley’s class.

10 years ago I . . .
1. was beginning my sophomore year of high school, where I would meet my future husband
2. was beginning my transition from super horse loving dork to halfway decent normal looking teenager
3. I think I visited my aunt in Georgia for Thanksgiving with my grandma.

5 years ago I . . .
1. Had just became a first time homeowner (well, on Ryan’s $$ haha!!)
2. Went skiing at Shanty Creek… its been 5 years since I’ve skied!!
3. got engaged to Mr. Ryan Barczak.

3 years ago I . . .
1. Went to the most amazing resort in Mexico- Iberostar Paraiso Beach
2. Didn’t participate in the presidential election.
3. Bought a pop-up camper

1 year ago I . .
1. Started making homemade baby food.
2. Was about to begin the adjustment from staying at home with 6 month old Porter to working part time.
3. Was very depressed about my job situation- or lack of.

So far this year I . . .
1. Have received two traffic tickets.
2. Have started my own business
3. Took two vacations… Florida and St. Louis.  And no camping trips… 😦

Yesterday I . . .
1. Ate two pieces of cheesecake for breakfast and didn’t regret it.
2. Begged Porter to repeat his adorable “La youuu” a million times.
3. Ran errands with Porter… bank… post office… Target (of course!!)

Today I . . .
1. took Porter over to LeeAnn and Lukas’ for a playdate and met a new friend… Kayla and her boys Mitchell and Wesley.
2. Proofed two sessions.
3. Went to dinner with Ry, Porter and Mom and Dad Barczak

Tomorrow I. . .

1. Will go to school to help finish setting up the classroom before the open house
2. Have a photo session
3. Will attempt to rush from my session to the school to be able to attend the Open House.

In the next year I shall . . .
1. Maybe hopefully get pregnant with baby #2
2. Hopefully, with lots of crossed fingers, buried St. Joseph statues, and a few potions containing rats heart and goats blood, will sell our house.
3. Attempt to look for a full time teaching position

  1. I’ll have to copy this onto my blog one of these days. I did finally update though and took your advice to get comments, I left a question at the end 🙂 I bet you’d like my latest post.

  2. Wow, you have a great memory. Good luck selling your house, our last house was on the market for 8 months! That was the worse 8 months ever. It is no fun selling a home. Have fun at school!

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