Thoughts for Thursday….

I tried to flake out again this week, but then Heather reminded me this would be the THIRD week in a row, and that I was breaking her heart and becoming one of those unreliable friends that soon she’d start to question my every promise.  Alright, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic, but she did say it was the third week I’d be ditching TFT and that I was letting her down if I didn’t post. 

So, here goes.

What the hell. I have no ideas!  OHH!  Here I remember one.  This isn’t going to be great, but its something I kind of wanted to get other parents’ opinions on.

When I was driving back home from St. Louis, Porter and I stopped at Arby’s for lunch.  Seeing he had been cooped up sitting down in the carseat all day I let him have his own side of the booth and let him stand up on the seat while he ate***.  We also sat by the window facing the road so he could watch the "Beeg Trucks" drive by.  Arby’s curly fries are a bit greasy, and as you can imagine, an 18month old eating a roast beef and fries is basically a groping grease machine.  He’d eat, and then turn to the window, pressing his hands against it while pointing at the "Beeg Trucks".  The window by his seat was….. gross.  Greasy fingerprints smeared all over.  I thought to myself…

Is this normal?  Should I scold him and make him keep his hands off the window, or do fast food workers find it normal to clean off the windows after little kids?   Should I attempt to clean the window before we leave?  What would my blog readers say?  (Yes, I seriously thought that last thing).

So… what do you think.  What do you do when you have toddlers at fast food place and they want to put their grubby paws on the windows?  Is it worth the fight to make them NOT touch it, or is it somewhat acceptable (pending the child’s age). 

***Granted, a majority of the time Porter sits in a high chair, but since we had been traveling I was letting him sit in the booth so he could stretch his legs. 

  1. Hi,
    It’s the stranger again 🙂 Your blog is so fun! I still can’t even remember which friend has your blog as her favorites, but I just love reading your blog! Anyway, I think it’s fine that your son touches the window. They have to clean every night and they would be cleaning the windows, anyway. I say – touch away! (Why do I suddenly feel like the Cat in the Hat??)

  2. I think you were fine…especially considering the poor guy had been restrained in his seat all day. Normally I get on Alyssa about touching glass, but a window is different. (I had the no touching glass rule when she was younger just so she didn’t think it would be okay to go up to a glass case and bang her hands on it or something…lol.) But, really, a window, what’s the beeeeg deal…I let them do it at home, and like Jenny said, they will have to clean them whether Porter got his grubby hands on them or not, so I say no big deal. If I was in a good mood, I might have quickly wiped the glass after him, but really they have to clean it anyways!

  3. Personally, for me, kids eating and being back and forth from their food and playing drives me NUTS!! I can’t stand it when my kids try it and it even drives me crazy to see other kids do it. Sit down, take a bite, jump up, play with one thing, go back, take a bite, touch everything, run around with food in the mouth, take a bite, drop food on the way back to being silly… drives me crazy I tell you!!

    Granted, I understand the situation, and I know P doesn’t normally spend his meals that way. And it’s not like he was running around the restaurant bothering anybody, right? RIGHT?!! LOL!
    But me being me, I probably still would have either let him run around a bit first, or had him sit and eat in the normal routine of the high chair and then spend some extra time letting him crawl around the booth, look out the window, and run around and stretch his legs after he’d finished eating. I’m just weird like that. Seriously, even though I knew your circumstances, -and believe me I totally understand being cooped up in the car!!- I cringed reading your recap of the meal and the mess. I know… I’m anal when it comes to kids sitting down for meals!

    All that to say, most people probably are not like me (I say most because the majority of the kids I see out there really are the up-and-down-eaters) and most people wouldn’t think twice about cleaning up after a truck-loving toddler!

    And since I’m already writing a novel here, let me just add that while I myself wouldn’t think twice about it (since you know my kids eat dirt and sticks and play with filthy balls we find on playgrounds), I’m sure there are some -ahem- *other people* out there who are thinking… you did wipe down the window first, right?? you didn’t let him touch that germy window and then eat his food, right?? eww the germs, eww the germs!!”

  4. The only reason I wouldn’t let my kid touch the window, is because it’s probably nasty dirty to begin with! Otherwise, they’re kids, what do they expect?

  5. I *usually* sit Donnie in a high chair at fast food places and then let him run around outside for a bit….I just find it easier that way, and I tend to loose my patience with him if he’s not focused on eating something.

    But, I think it’s fine if he touches….as long as it’s cleaned up. It just seems like commom courtesy to clean up a greased stained window after your little one had their greasy paws all over it(and believe me I’ve been there done that with Donnie!!)…Though, I’m sure the workers are used to cleaning up kids messes & have to do it anyways, it’s still courtieous to clean up your own kids mess.

    And YES, then I would run to the car and wipe him down with some clorox wipes(LOL!!)…..because I AM one of THOSE parents, I’m a little bit of a germ-a-phobe!! And I like it that way!!Hehe!

  6. We don’t let him get down and play around at restaurants for the sake of other people eating there. So he is usually in the highchair and now most recently he has interest in sitting in the booth. I think as long as he’s not down running around and bothering other people’s meal he is okay to eat and look at the window. Lukas has been soooo picky with eating that if it makes him happy to take a bite, go look at the truck out the window, then take another bite, go look at thr truck out the window, etc.. then I’m happy that he’s getting something in his body. I know it sounds like I’m catering to him there, but at least he isn’t running around while people are eating. At home he now sits at the booth and if he’s hungry then he’ll sit and eat and also look out the window behind him sometimes, but then he’ll get down when he’s done. I’ve tried to MAKE him stay and eat at times, but it’s not worth the fight. They always say “They will eat when their hungry”.

    (I guess I kinda drifted off into another topic – that wasn’t really what you were talking about)

    About the grubby window prints, I usually try to clean up his “mess” whether its on the table, window or seats, just to make it somewhat normal to the eye of the restaurant worker and the normal mess they might see.

  7. I think it’s fine. You weren’t letting him run around the restaurant and trash the place. It was unusual circumstances and you were doing what you could to keep him happy. Plus they have to clean them anyway.

  8. Aren’t toddlers supposed to put finger smudges on windows? I thought that was like mandatory “I’m 18 months old, I see a clean window, I must touch it with my greasy fingers!” Hahaha. Ok, so I went a little overboard with that. Anyway, if the window had a few smudges I would have just left it but if it was a total greasy mess, I would have told one of the workers that my kid made a mess and ask for a rag/towel/whatnot. You never know they could have just said “Ah don’t worry, we have to windex them every night anyway.” I think kids touching windows is fine. Bugging other people’s meals isn’t. Jocelyn already touches windows and mirrors. No, her fingers aren’t all greasy and gross…but I’m sure they will be in another 5 months or so! My opinion on your TFT is: You were on vacation. Vacations don’t have the same rules as regular days at home. So P got to be a wild man and grease up some windows while looking at trucks!

  9. I don’t think it is a big deal at all. He wasn’t bothering anyone else. I might have tried to wipe the window a little bit, but wouldn’t have worried too much about it. The windows have to be cleaned either way. And having worked at a fast food place during my high school years….I would much rather clean a few greasy finger prints off a window than food/ketchup/etc off the floor.

  10. I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. I’d just wipe up the window when they were done and let the kid enjoy his trip to the restaurant. 😉

  11. Um, I’m new and I have no clue what a TFT is. Thought for Thursday? Wait is it Thursday? I take my kids out to eat alot…yes all of them and usually with just me as Mark works second shift and I HATE to cook. I say do whatever keeps them from running around naked or screaming the word “butt” at the top of their lungs. After all you were at Arbys not shall we say the Granery.

  12. Hey Nic,
    I think it is okay at times…like when your child has been cooped up in a car ALL day! But like what Heather said, I like when kiddos sit down to eat too…you can never teach them early enough! 🙂

  13. i don’t think it was a big deal. kids get dirty and they put their grubby little paws on everything. 🙂 i just cleaned all of tucker’s prints off the windows/glass door in our house last night!

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