Missing Person

I have been wanting to do my own version of Heather’s Post for awhile.  I’m attempting to scrapbook (yeah, right), so I finally swapped my journaling into her format.


LOST: One baby boy.

18 months old, 22
pounds and 31 inches tall.

Answers to the name
of “Snug”, “P-Evan”, “Po-Ev”, “P-Nut” or “Sugar

It seems as if someone has misplaced their child and taken my baby my mistake. I could see how it happened, as they do look much alike, except your child seems more like a boy and hello, mine is a baby.

This new kid whines a lot and likes to dump out every toy bin within sight. He has an affinity for reading the same book over and over and over and over. He likes to push buttons on the TV and, in a matter-of-fact way, tell us when WE are “Ahh dun” watching it. He doesn’t seem to know how to sit still and his favorite pastime seems to be getting into everything that he’s not supposed to. He acts shy with strangers, and cries pathetically when he anticipates me leaving him behind with someone else. He is actually quite clingy, and has a radar for desperately wanting me to play with him at the most inopportune moments.

This new kid is growing molars and likes to throw his food on the floor. He has a love for (and a knack for finding) pens and scissors and other items that can gouge out eyeballs. He knows how to open the front door and has attempted to escape numerous times (can you believe we’ve had to put a chain on the door!?)

I suggest that you return my baby sooner rather than later before your kid overhears me saying, “You’re driving me CRAZY!” through clenched teeth to myself too many times. Because the amount of time that gets muttered under my breath, he’s going to start thinking “Driving Me Crazy” is his name.

  1. He most likely won’t think it is his name…he will just eventaully repeat it to you…at an inappropriate moment where you will be dazed and unable to respond quickly enough to the disapproving stares of onlookers. I wonder if the person who took P also took her majesty. The one they replaced her with has one hell of a blood curdling scream and has mastered the styling her hair with spaghetti. Come get her.

  2. Oh boy Nic! There must a true serial-syndrome going on here! Whoever took P, Saw-man & Zoe’s little one must surely be the one who swiped up my two little ones & replaced them 4+ years ago w/ the booglets that I have! We’re still working through the terrible 6’s & 4’s 🙂
    I had to laugh @ the escape attempts. We had to have latches installed @ the tops of our screen doors to stop the kids from escaping or letting any old stranger in!

  3. Ha Ha, This is what I get to look forward to when I have kids! Hmmm, maybe I should change my mind on the kids thing… Nah they are definitely worth it and I am sure Porter even at his most “Driving you Crazy” moment is better than most kids. He is such a Cute little boy!

  4. This is totally off-topic, but I was cruising through some of your past entries and photos, and has anyone told you that you look like Sandra Bullock? (That’s a compliment by the way… I think she’s beautiful! And so are you!)

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