One of those posts.

I don’t have anything witty or humorous to write about, so I guess I’ll do the obvious and recap my weekend since I’ve been a bit MIA lately.

On Friday, Cathy rode with Porter and I to the Chelsea Treehouse to meet Lori, Don and the girls.  We played for nearly 3 hours and the kids were great while we were there.  I just love that place!  They have an awesome play area, which is surrounded by couches and tables- all in complete view of the play area, there is a great variety of healthy foods, the staff is so friendly and genuinely loves kids, and they have wi-fi there!  I told Lori we’d have to make a monthly playdate to meet at the Treehouse so the kids can play and we can catch up. I didn’t take many pictures (surprising, I know), but here is one of the kids as we were leaving.

Saturday we went to Cathy and Dave’s camper in Coldwater after Porter’s nap.  We had a delicious dinner of steak, potatoes, salad and garlic bread and some grub Buckeye Brownies for desert.  YUM!  Porter got to stay up WAY past his bedtime and hang out at the campfire.  He finally fell asleep rocking with Papa on the swing.

And… a few pics.  (excuse the crappy exposure and focus… I am having quite an “off” weekend with photography. depressing)

Porter directing Nana to go on a walk:

Dinner time!  Notice who else was invited?  Rocky himself!


Doesn’t he look like such a big boy in this picture??


Watching Papa and Daddy chop wood for the campfire.


Throwing Rocks


Munching some goldfish before the campfire.


This morning I had a session and then packed up my scrapbook stuff to go with LeeAnn and Zoe to Scrapbook Memories to crop all afternoon.  Lori joined us and it was SO fun to hang out, just us girls, and get some scrapping done!

Its been a nice, relaxing weekend.  Probably my most relaxing weekend yet this summer.  I swore off all proofing of sessions until tomorrow night (in which I’ll be in a mad rush to get them post processed… I’ll have 3 to do now!).  This evening we just hung out at home.  Porter woke up with a fever, so we just laid low, snugged with him and watched tv.  I’ve attempted to scrapbook tonight, but have got nothing done.  All my creativity must be back at the scrapbook store HAHA!


  1. Thanks for letting me tag along. I was really nervous but you and LeeAnn both made me feel totally comfy. Big thanks for not laughing at my uncreative scrapbook pages…which by the way Amonte could have cared less abought! Teenagers. Ugg.

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