It’s 8:30am…

Wish me luck.

I’m on my way to a “mini session” with this family’s one year old (I didn’t get any *love love love* photos of her from their session).

No, thats not what I need luck with.

Ohhhh no.

At 9:30, Ryan’ is dropping Porter off.  And the jogging stroller.  LeeAnn and Lukas are meeting us there and we’re going to go… running.  Yes, I said it.  Running.

Ohhhh lord.  I’m sure it will mostly consist of many short bursts of dragging our feet while heavily gasping for our possible last breaths of air inbetween gasping jaunts of walking to catch our wind.

Remember my last attempt to “start running” again?  And the one before that? (which was interrupted by a little thing called pregnancy… paired with an over-cautious mom-to-be equals…. no more runnning).

Let’s hope LeeAnn can keep me motivated.  And let’s hope that pushing jogging strollers with 25lb toddlers doesn’t kill us. This is my last ditch effort (omg is that even a real series of words??) at attempting to get in shape before throwing my body all to hell with a second pregnancy.

  1. Have you seen the couch 2 5k thing?

    I’m thinking of starting it up maybe (MAYBE) now that the weather’s cooling off. I think I could handle working up to running in short goals like that. Maybe.
    I’m really more of a walker (I could walk briskly forever, I’ve just never seen the fun in running.) so we’ll see.
    Hey, we could start a blogging running group and keep each other accountable and motivated…

    Anyway, good luck today!

  2. Wishing you luck Nicole! I have NEVER been a runner but my husband motivated me to try. At first I started out with very short distances but now I feel great when I set myself a goal and can actually run past that:) If I can do it I know you can!!!

  3. Yeah I have been trying to run each morning on my treadmill before TJ gets up, but I usually end up running for 10 min, and walking for the rest of the time! LOL. It is just so hard to stay motivated! It is good you can run with LeeAnn. Good Luck!

  4. Gina and I just went out on Saturday morning with the babies for a long walk and that was hard enough! I can’t imagine running/jogging just yet. I hope your run is less painful than you’re thinking it will be!

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