Run-down of our day:

  • Woke up.  Lazy.
  • Finally showered and actually got out the door before 10am
  • Checked out ceramic tile at Menards.  Porter got to play in the play area there.
  • Had lunch with Ryan. Subway. YUM.  P actually ate it pretty well.  Subs seem to be “difficult” for toddlers.  I like that they got rid of the deli style buns.  We’ll definitely be choosing that over McD’s now.
  • Went to YMCA and signed up for swim lessons.  Porter charmed most of the people there, and nearly gave one old bitty a heart attack as he started walking down the stairs by himself. He was running up the ramp and then going around and walking down the stairs, and going around and around and around, amusing himself.  She started to yell at him “NOO! NOO get AWAY from the stairs!”  I peeked around the corner to see what little dude was getting into, and realized she was freaking out.  I told her he was ok, he could manage stairs alone LOL.
  • Home.  Naptime.
    (didn’t take P to ice skating… M-W-F the daytime skating is at 12:30 and by then he is ready for a nap.  Next week LeeAnn and I are trying to work out a time to go when they have the 11am open skate.  I’ll fill you in on how he does… first time ice skating!!)
  • Chatted with Heather.
  • Proofed some client orders.
  • Ate two pieces of yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  YUM.

Porter nearly drove me out of my mind today.  The kid is pushing his limits left and right.  Whining in the car.  Throwing toys.  Attempting to dump/bang milk out of his cup onto the coffee table.  Wanting down from the table and then the next minute wanting another BIIIIIIIIIITE!!

UGh.  And, my husband was no help today either.  Normally, he’s a wonderful, involved and helpful husband/father.  I can *almost* always say he pulls his fair share in parenting and housework, which is more than I can say for some dads I know.  Today.  Ryan. Not so helpful.  Pushed all my buttons and irritated me more than helped.


  1. I’m going to hit a 2 for 1 comment here 🙂 The skating thing will go great! As you probably know from taking the girls, it is usually not too busy & the early skate times are the best time’s to go. P will have a great time!
    Now for your previous post about the recycling…. Oh how I wish! We had to recycle when we were in Florida on vacation & I LOVED IT!! It was so easy! We put out soooo much trash it is insane. When in Fla. our trash volume was literally cut down by 75%. We had MAYBE 1/2 of a small plastic shopping bag every day for the trash pickup & everynight we would take a walk to the recycling area & drop off our items. It could be so much easier & cheaper, not to mention better for the environment. Unfortunately, kids & butthead of a husband not-on-board!
    Ok, now that it’s a novel-have a great weekend!

  2. Doesn’t it suck when you are totally overwhelmed and can’t woit for your reinforcement to come home and then they get home and…well..suck.

  3. I've seen so many people who have gotten great pictures of their kids playing in the rain. I have GOT to try and get my kids out to do this! My luck, they will probably get 2 drops of rain on them and then whine to come inside!

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