Big boy bed

We were/are going to get Porter a "real" big boy bed either for Christmas or his birthday.  My mom and I browsed the beds the other day at Value City and she suggested just converting his crib to a toddler bed for the time being so he gets used to it, and then get him the big bed later.  Duh!  I always thought the cribs that convert to toddler beds were so stupid since most people have more than one kid and the crib is always used as a crib.  And, I always thought buying the little toddler beds were a huge waste of money since, well, why the hell not just buy a twin bed and skip that toddler bed stage and save $150 on the toddler bed frame?  Anyhow… since we don’t have another baby to use the crib right now, there really isn’t a reason we can’t just use it as a toddler bed until we need it for a crib.  We’ll still get him his "real" big boy bed (probably a bunk from Ikea) for either Christmas or his birthday.  We’ll see.   

So, this morning Porter and I took down his railing and made him a big boy bed!  He was really excited about it (as you can see from the pics) and I took a little video of him (maybe will post later).  However, naptime rolled around and he was up and around his room playing.  Hmm..  Ideas on how to curb that?  I’m not into the whole "laying with your child till they fall asleep" thing… he knows how to get to sleep on his own and I want to keep it that way.  But, how do I keep him in his bed?  We do have one of those rail things, and it is up on his bed.  However, I saw little dude eyeing it and he totally had that "Hey, that would be fun to flip/jump over" look on his face.  Hmm….




(gosh, you sure can tell which pictures were taken in "Auto" mode and which was taken in "Manual" mode…)


  1. Good Lord! Does he always sleep with that much stuff in his bed?! No wonder he wants out… there’s no room for HIM! LOL!

    Not much advice on the staying in bed thing. I tend to think kids have a harder time staying in toddler beds as they are so used to that size and it’s so easy for them to get in and out and not to mention not much room for them to roll around and get comfy. My kids both went straight to twin size beds and I feel like having the size change “intimidated” them a little. I don’t know if that’s the right word, does that make sense at all?
    Also, we don’t have toys in their bedroom (well, we did when Savannah was little, but they were kept in the closet which was shut away at sleepy times) to play with. Just books and stuffed animals. And if they are too busy reading/playing to go to sleep they start losing those as well.

    I’d just say, be consistent with it… let him know it’s time to stay in bed and maybe stand outside his door where he can’t see you and the second he starts to get up, just quick-no-emotion-sternly remind him to lay down. We had to do that for a little while with Savannah right around when Sawyer was born and she started getting up at night… it took a week or two, but she got the point that it wasn’t worth it and just finally stopped getting up. Just no reaction, simply telling her or putting her back in her bed.
    Good luck and keep us updated!

  2. I would have to agree with being very consistant. It might take a couple of weeks but every time he gets out, just put him right back in (even if it’s several times in a row). I also don’t have toys in my boys’ rooms. They only have books. I think if you just stay with the same routine he will get used to things. I would agree with you about not lying down with him. I think if you do that you’re doomed!!! Good luck.

  3. Gorgeous bed. I’d rather convert the crib than actually buy a toddler bed, myself. No suggestions on keepin him in, though….our three year old never really had a problem staying in bed and i don’t know how she was before we got her….good luck o and ps, i’ll try to comment more often now that i’ve had to come out of lurkdom….LOL!!!!

  4. I’m with Heather…I think a new big boy bed is going to help the situation. It’s new, it’s new rules, etc. Alyssa never got out of bed, she was the model kid as far as that went (I have a feeling Hailey will be a tad different…LOL!) so I’ve got no great suggestions other than the regular old stay consistent tack! 🙂

    Good luck!

  5. i am the worst one to be giving sleeping advice for toddlers. i’m still trying to figure out what to do with my son. looks like porter is happy with his new bed (in the pictures)! good luck!

  6. I can’t help you on this one, as when we put Lukas to bed, I’m usually right there rubbing his back for a few minutes until he falls asleep. Lukas is usually asleep within 10 minutes of us putting him in his bed. When you used to put Porter in his crib, was he awake for awhile? And if Lukas wakes up during the night, he will just sits up and whine a little bit until we come in there. He won’t get down, he just sits there and will yell louder for us if we dont come to him. Sorry I’m not much help on this one.

  7. HI Nicole – I’m so glad that it was able to get your info to get back on the site. I missed it for the week or two it was gone! You just make me laugh and it’s so nice to hear other mom’s real issues 😉 Thanks for sharing them with us.
    The switch to toddler beds was hard but we just had to keep going in and putting the boys back in bed and telling them it was bed time. It took a good week, and then they got the picture. I hope that it’s going well for you!

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