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Last night I lay in bed thinking about how my back and neck hurt and how great it would be to have an adjustment.  I couldn’t wait till morning to wake up and call the chiro (which Ryan and I call "Cairo" as in… "You going to Egypt today?…. Yeah, my appt is at 4" HAHA!) and get an appointment for this afternoon.

Anyhow, I thought it might be an interesting topic (ok, maybe not THAT interesting) for TFT.   

See, before having Porter, I had gone to the chiro a few times.  But nothing regularly.  I knew of people who made it a regular (weekly or bi-weekly) thing, but I never felt the need. Around 16 weeks pregnant I had horrible back pains in my upper back between my shoulder blades.  I got in with a chiropractor and they wanted me to be on this "wellness plan" of going 3 times a week for a few months etc. Well, I went twice a week (or so) throughout the rest of my pregnancy and I really don’t know how I would have made it without it.  If I missed a week, I could tell.  My back would hurt more.  My hips got out of whack and my SI joint started to act up.

Well, about 6 weeks ago I had that horrible migraine so I got in with a different chiropractor and have been seeing them about once a week.  I can really tell when I’ve missed my weekly and there are times when I sleep wrong and I call to get in that day and the second he adjusts me I am feeling 100% better. 

Anyhow… where am I going.  All this rambling!  Now, awhile back Jessica called me frantic about this article about chiropractic adjustments causing blood clots and strokes in patients.  I kind of freaked out, but never read the article myself so of course I wasn’t about to swear off my saving grace through my pregnancy.  I think it was Jessica’s physical therapist that was telling her that they didn’t "condone" (is that the word?) chiropractic adjustments and that their belief is to train the muscles properly to help align the back (ok Jess, I can’t remember our whole conversation it was forever ago, but I think thats what they had said, right?)

This just got me thinking… how do others stand on the use of chiropractors?   I know my chiropractors both have infants and children patients that they regularly adjust (think of all the running, falling, yanking, twisting, picking up etc that kids get), so they obviously feel that its just a part of the lifestyle such as visiting the dentist etc.  Do you use a chiro regularly?  Or do you just go when you feel "out of whack?"  Have you never been?  Are you against chiropractors?  Do you feel they’re "bad" for your health or that its unnatural to manipulate the spine?

I’m not getting into all the detail/info that the chiropractors have told me about how every nerve that controls your body/functions runs through your spine and how just little misalignments can affect things like stomach issues, asthma, headaches etc.  I don’t know enough about all that.  All I know is that I can tell when I need an adjustment (and it is definitely today!) and that the adjustments work wonders!

  1. I hurt my back when I was 16. By 18, I had ruptured a disk. I tried everything for 2 years to avoid having surgery. Ultimately I had to go under the knife. Any who, I have tried a chiropractor on two different occassions. The first time, I was 17 and I was put on a program from my doctor using both a chiropractor and a physical therapist. I was very pleased with that program for it got me through my sports season. Fast forward to 7 years after the surgery. I started having a lot of pain again. My back was so off from compensating on my good side for years that it actually caused my pelvis to fall out of alignment. Again I tried physical therapy and the chiropractor. Different ones than the first time. This combo didn’t work. They had differing opinions and my treatments were totally different than what I was use to. Ultimately I went to an acupuncturist who changed my life! I have had no pain since seeing him. I was very nervous when I became pregnant that I wouldn’t be able to handle the weight of the baby and labor. To this day, still no pain! Where am I going with this….ultimately I do believe in chiropractors. The first one I went to, I LOVED! The second one was totally different and just didn’t work. Would I try one again if I needed, maybe. I would definitely do acupuncture first though! Sorry for the rambling!

  2. I have been to a chiropractor a few times, but have never felt it was necessary to make regular appointments. I have nothing against them personally, but I feel like SOME of them adjust you so you feel better for a bit, but so that you have to keep coming back to them, kwim? My husband thinks I’m crazy for thinking that since he thinks they are the best thing ever, but that’s just my opinon. It may just be that some people benefit more from them than others.

  3. I’ve never been, but not because I’m against it… far from it! I’ve actually been dying to see a Chiropractor but unfortunately it’s not covered under our insurance and they’re just too expensive. I’ve been cracking my own neck, back, knuckles, shoulders… everything, since I can remember. I know it’s a huge no-no to do it yourself, but I can tell a HUGE difference if I’ve gone without “cracking” for a few days. I get so stiff and sore and uncomfortable. I haven’t really done much research on it, but from the little knowledge I do have, I think it’s a wonderful thing. I’d love to learn more though!

  4. i have only been to the chiro once. i was having issues in college with back pain. but i’ve never had any issues i’ve felt i needed one for since. my husband (along with his mother/brother) have been to them regularly when they have their ‘issues’. they swear by ’em. i’m not opposed to going to them at all. i think there are many benefits to what they do and i have family members that would agree.

  5. I have suffered from back and neck pain since my bad accident when i was hit by the DD. I sought chiro 3 times/week then for two years. i quit once I got my settlement because I didn’t want to pay for it myself. I keep thinking I should go back because I have heard such wonderful things about chiropractic care and how it helps so many different ailments. I just hate to pay $40 per visit……

  6. I just started going not too long ago and I am a huge believer. I usually just go when I am out of whack. I really need to go now actually. I also believe that the spine and nerves are connected to every part of your body, and that if your spine is out of place, things can go wrong. I have a great chiro too and he only treats me when necessary. I love him! Great topic!

  7. Eh. My mother took me when I was younger. I’ve never been on my own. I was a little confused when he told me I was off kilter by a couple inches or so. I thought that was weird, as I had never noticed that I walked with a limp. ??? Which I would have had to if he was correct.

    I know they give fantastic massages, got one of those when I was in Jr. High. But I haven’t really felt the need as an adult and I really didn’t like someone jerking my neck like that anyway. I will admit though that I’ve never experienced anything that a good massage couldn’t cure . . . so maybe I’m a believer that a wonky muscle is pulling the bones awkward. :shrug:

  8. never been. i guess i would try it if i had a reason. while pregnant with both boys, i got sciatica (sp???) and needed p.t. three times a week. it was great. with my first i didn’t start until almost i was almost 9 months pregnant. the pain was so severe, i couldd hardly move. with my second son, i started p.t. in in my 6th month. that made a huge difference. i felt so much better. plus they used a comination of stretching, exercise, cardio, and the best thing…. massage!!!

  9. I wouldn’t be against the idea, per se, but I don’t condone the idea of children getting it done. I just don’t see it being a great idea for those under 18yrs of age. I was lucky enough to have my OBGYN make adjustments for me when I was pregnant and did them to myself as well. So, I’m “for” the concept of it…just not on people whose spines aren’t even done growing yet.

  10. I used to go once a month. It really helped…I could tell when I needed to go again. I think it helped a lot with my headaches too. It really did make a difference.
    I dont really go anymore because my insurance doesn’t cover it! I might start going again though.

  11. i worked for a chiropractor before moving to florida. i never felt better in my life. its amazing really.

    but also, the one i worked for adjusted children too. not in the same way, however. sometimes his 1 year old would get constipated and he would adjust her and she would get better.. something about the nerves that lead to the muscles of the digestive tract would get compressed.. maybe its hogwash, but i believe it.. and i know i could really use for some regular visits.

  12. i went to the chiro in college… one morning i bent down to pick something up off the floor and i suddenly couldn’t move. i cried after my appt because i felt so much WORSE. but i kept going back and eventually it got better. they want you to go so OFTEN though, that it got a little ridiculous. i agree with denise… i think some of them adjust you so you have to keep going back. and this wasn’t covered by my insurance, so… i quit going. now, i get massages once a month instead. i probably couldn’t quit massages either without some withdrawal. but, to me an hour-long massage once a month is so much more relaxing than the chiro. i feel the same way – i can tell when i need to go in. and for both things – chiro and massage – i do think they can affect other parts of your body. definitely a believer in that.

  13. i used to go…but i would get killer headaches after each treatment that would last for days so i quit. my back is all kinds of messed up from birthing all these kids.

  14. I have never been beacuse I never have had a need to go. I am sure if I went once I would realize my need after I came out of there feeling 100% better! LOL.
    My husband goes whenever he feels the need. He has back problems, and he always feels better after an adjustment. You just have to amek sure you find a good one.
    One time my hubby’s regular chiropractor wasn’t avaliable when he needed an adjustment, and the new guy was horrible! My husband was in pain for a few days until his chiropractor got back and fixed the problem.

  15. I like them… I think they work. After having baby #2, I herniated my L-5 and I couldn’t get into the car to go to the chiro. He CAME to my house (small town), did one adjustment where I somehow accidentally slapped him in the face, and it allowed for me to get into the car the next day. He was a great chiro…. gentle and very in touch with what was going on. I think that’s important for you treatment plan…
    He also adjusted my daughter (2 yrs.) a few times because she was sleeping like crap. She was “out” a little bit but… unfortunately, the adjustments didn’t help her sleep habits. I was not scared when he adjusted her, he did it differently than he would to an adult.

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