Feeling accomplished.

I woke up bright and early at 7am this morning to the sound of Porter sweet voice chirping from his room.

We played a bit (ok, he played, watched Little Bear and ate a cereal bar while I checked my email) and then threw on some clothes to go run errands.

Went to the Jackson Crossing to go to the Post Office, Target and Toys R Us.   Little did I know that not much opens at 9:15 in the morning.

We browsed Target for awhile, managed to spend $40, but did get part of a few Christmas gifts, and they finally have their 2-pack photo albums ($14.99) back so I snagged one for myself (I have close to 400 pictures… maybe even more… to get into albums!  So… good Christmas gift idea hint hint to family who is reading). 

Went to the Post Office. On the way there (I let Porter walk and help push the cart and he was being such a good listener), we stopped at the ride-on motorcycle thingy that is freaking 50cents to ride.  Porter was content just sitting on it, but I thought… Hey, he’s been a great kid today.  I’ll pop some quarters in.  Well, it freaked him out so that ruined his ride.

Toys R Us was next.  Picked up a few….err lots… of gifts for the little kiddos in our lives.  I am in this oddly merry mood lately.  I am so excited to buy Christmas gifts for everyone and am already trying to think of really good gifts for people (whereas, normally I hate the holidays and just get whatever I can think of that might suit someone!). 

Anyhow, I spent $100 (approximately) and bought gifts for 10 kids (although 5 of them are not finished being bought for).  Is it weird that I’m excited to get my Christmas tree set up??? Last year we didn’t put it up till my birthday (December 10) and even then I had to force myself to feel happy about decorating. 

Then we stopped by Polly’s (a grocery store) to pick up some stuff to make cookies (yes, I’m also in a baking mood), mac and cheese, a chocolate pie and some caffeine free coke for my soda craving.  I got in line to pay and they said their debit/credit machine was broken so it was cash or check only.  Of course I had no cash and didn’t have the checkbook on me. Luckily they had an ATM in the store.  How crazy.

We made lunch (Mac and cheese for me, the same for Porter as well as mini sausages and broccoli and cauliflower which he devoured all of) and then I organized the pantry in the kitchen.  Straightened up the toy room and living room.  Porter is in bed.  I made my chocolate pie.  I’m now waiting for my grandma to show up so I can go to my doctor’s appt at 1:45 (I’ll update all that on the baby blog later).

Well, that’s been my day off.  Pretty productive.  Pretty good so far.

  1. Don’t you love those days? I had an awesome, productive day on Wednesday & it makes for such a good rest of the week. Have a great weekend!

  2. if i could have just one of these days a week, i would be all set. i am with you… can’t wait to get the tree and christmas ornaments out!!! probably in a few more weeks.

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