That’s what you get, punk.

My grandma came over to sit with P while I went to the doctors at 1:45.  I left at 1:30, and Porter was still in his bed chatting away. 

I got home at 2:45ish and my grandma said he’d just gone to sleep bout half hour before.  She said he had been yelling "Mama! Dada!  Where are you!  Hey!!! Hey you!" HAHA. 

So….. anyway… 3:00 rolls around all too quickly. I hear Porter start to fuss.  I figure he’s just had a bad dream, or something and would fall back asleep.  20 minutes later he’s still whining and crying so I go in, and he’s laying on his stomach half asleep. 

Bare ass in the air.

That’s right.  He had stripped his pants, socks and diaper off and fallen asleep, and then peed on himself in his sleep!! He was soaked in warm pee. Poor kid.

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