Porter at 22 Months

I’m a little behind in posting this.  I started making this list just before Christmas.  So, some of these things are things that were going on in the last month or so. 

  • He says these things a lot:
    • "HEY!" as in… "Hey!  My trucks over there!"  "Hey, my zebra!"  "Hey!  My cup onna table!"
    • "Almost".  "Almost done?"  "Almost ready?"  He adds this in a LOT.
    • "Found it!".. he says this a lot of times when he finds a toy that he hasn’t played with in awhile.  Or, when I was looking for a cd to play for him, when I found one he says "Mama found it!"
  • He’s been a stink pot with taking naps lately.  He plays around in bed for the whole 2 hours he should be napping.  At least he plays happily and give me a break.  However, he’s a huge grump by bedtime.
  • He’s weird about his long sleeve shirts.  He always wants the sleeves pulled up to his elbows.
  • He has such good manners.  Makes me so proud.  He’s been into saying "No, thanks" a lot lately.  He’s so good with saying "Thanks" and "Please" for things.  Often we have to say "Porter, what do you say?" but thats all the reminder he needs. 
  • He has finally hit 25lbs after being stuck at 24lbs for quite some time
  • He can count to 10 (however, doesn’t get the 1-1 relationship yet… but he can count in order 1-10)
  • Would sing "Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the way!" around Christmas time.
  • LOVES Cars… the movie, the toys, anything.   His favorites have been Sally and Mater. 

Some funnies lately:

>He dropped part of his bagel in the car.  He said to me "Piece Bagel Fall!"  I picked it up and handed it back to him. He says "Thanks, Baby!"

>We brush our teeth together.  When we’re done, he always says "YAY Mama and Porter!  YAY!  Brush teeth!"



(ok, pics are from Thanksgiving… so technically he was 21 months in these pics… but really, who’s counting?)





And, a more recent pic from our trip to St. Louis.  (Excuse the overblown conversion… I’m on the laptop and its not calibrated).

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