The last bit of St. Louis

Ok, so I’ve been super lazy with blogging.  I hate blogging/editing pictures on the laptop and I’ve been to lazy to go downstairs to use my computer in the office.  Here I am, though, on the laptop… suck it up and just blog!  LOL! 

So, where did I leave off?  I’ve already forgotten any bit of "time line" we had down there.  Mostly our days consisted of refereeing the boys’ never-ending spats (I have never met 2 year olds that didn’t like each other as much as P and S don’t like each other!), shopping, playing outside, shopping some more, internet surfing, reading blogs (although it seemed like NO ONE blogged all week!), cooking, going to Target numerous times and playing games.  Oh, and don’t forget chowing mint oreo milkshakes.  YUM!

Anyhow, I wanted to post just a couple pics from the Morrison’s New Year’s Day dinner.  I have other snapshots, but I’m too lazy to edit on this computer.  So, I’m going to just post a few of the table.  I could never make it as a food/still object photographer.  LOL!  (I edited these on the laptop so they may be a bit darker than normal.  I tend to be more conservative with editing with the laptop as its uncalibrated and I have no idea how it "really" looks printed out)





Heather and Kasey have other pictures on their blogs.  It was so neat to see how the three of us were in the same room taking pictures of the same objects, yet we each came up with different things.  Kind of fun!

The ride home was almost as great as the ride down.  Porter, again, was a super good boy.  We left the Morrison’s around 3pm (MO time) and at 5:30 (MO time) we stopped for dinner.  Porter finally fell asleep at 9:30 (our time, so 8:30 MO time) and only slept for about an hour and a half.  He woke up around 11 and was awake until we got home at 12:30am (our time).  So, the trip home took a total of about 8.5 hours home.  It seemed like the trip home was much longer than driving down.  I hate how that works LOL!

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