Kids n’ Stuff

Today Katie and I took the boys to Kids n’ Stuff, a hands on kids museum/playplace about 20 minutes away.  It had been awhile since our last trip to KNS.  Porter is at such a great age to go play now.  I ended up buying a year membership.  Katie and I figured it’d be a great place to take the boys this summer with having two little ones.  Especially on hot, scorching days when it sucks to go to the park with a sticky, sweaty baby in tow. 

Anyhow, Porter and Donnie had a blast at KNS.  They were so into copying whatever the other said, and followed each other around the place.  I don’t think either of them knew what to play with first, and once they were playing with something they kept seeing new things to check out.  Too much fun for toddlers, that’s for sure!  Now that I have a membership I’ll definitely have to take Porter back more often.  He seemed to have a lot of fun. 

Digging in the dirt for "money" (says Porter)

Playing some tunes

Making an art project.  Porter was so proud of this when he came home.  He was excited to show daddy his "Make a ball!"

"Fishing" in the water table



  1. I was SO excited about telling Don when I got home what a good time the boys had….it’s definitely a gem to have a place like that close around for toddlers!! I think it’ll be a life saver this summer, especially with a newborn coming.

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