Playing in the snow with P-Man (1.4.08)

Yesterday was Porter’s first "real" play in the snow.  The snow was above his knees and he was so funny trying to walk.  He kept saying "BIG step!" LOL.  We were in the dog/human yard and of course we haven’t scooped poop lately so I told Porter to watch out for dog poop.  He wouldn’t stop reminding me "Yucky poop!  Watch yucky poop!" 

It wasn’t the "good" packing snow for snowmen… more like the light, fluffy, fly away when you try to hold it snow.  We walked around the yard, made snow angels, "watched yucky poop", ate snow off of the picnic table, and Porter slid down his snow covered slide. 

Honestly, he didn’t seem too fond of playing in the snow.  I think it was mostly because he couldn’t move or walk. But, he is a bit hesitant with new situations too. 

I took some pics… braved the snow with my good lens and camera.  EEEK!  (and, I have to say I hate taking pics in the snow… I can never get my metering right without blowing out the snow!)






  1. oh! i love these shots out in the snow! tucker is the same way when we are outside in the snow – must be their age or something? too funny.

  2. Looks like Porter had a good time in the snow.. I completely forgot about having Lukas eat snow! I’m sure its pretty good for making snowmen now, of course its all wet. go figure…

  3. ah! these are adorable shots! please send some snow down our way… we only got to experience a little bit of it when we were home, and got NO pictures since we stupidly assumed we’d get more!

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