The Zackbar’s house according to Savannah Morrison

I picked up my point and shoot camera yesterday to show my sister some pictures of Ikea (she’s an Ikea virgin… trying to convince her to go already!) and I saw a few unrecognizable pictures on my card. I first thought “Oh, Porter must have been dinking around with it.” He likes to turn it on and take some pictures- usually of his chin or shirt as he still hasn’t figured out to turn the camera around and aim at other objects LOL!

Anyhow, as I kept scrolling through the pictures I kept finding more and more photos of objects around my house, of Porter and Sawyer playing, of Ryan mowing the lawn outside. Then it occured to me… Savannah had been using my camera. In fact, she’d taken 101 pictures! It was so hilarious looking through them… the things she took pictures of- holding toys out in front of her. The boys playing. My curtains and living room. It was so cute to see her perspective and the things she thought to take pictures of. Here’s a little collage….

  1. lol… that’s so funny!hey, tell me why whenever i make a collage and post it on my blog, i can never click on it to make it bigger?? NOT FAIR. Throw me a bone when i get a second to BREATH.

  2. That is so Cute! You know every now and then we should let the little ones walk around and take pictures just to show how different their perspective is on life versus ours.

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