House Updates: July

I think I’m ready to show a few before/after pictures of the house. I still feel like I have so many little things to get done- lots of little accessories to buy/add, paint to touch up, things to organize… but for now there are a few rooms in the house that are almost there.

I’ll start with the foyer. I have Heather to thank for it being mostly done right now. She motivated me and helped me strip wallpaper and rip up carpet and scrap and spackle walls and pull up staples from the stairs. What an awesome friend, huh! Ryan Morrison, MyRy and LeeAnn also pitched in a bit too- so thank you guys as well!

Anyhow… this started out as a dining room project but somehow we moved onto the foyer and never looked back. We even put the kids to work stripping a bit of the vinyl surface of the wallpaper.

And… the Before and After:
I’m still a little unsure of the color. I’m afraid with the black and white decorations it looks too… “modern” or “contemporary” even though the table is antique. I wish wish wish we didn’t have those icky marble floors (although I’m thankful its a neutral color and not something awful hideous) and that it was a nice dark wood floor (which is what is under the marble). I’m not sure of what kind of rug to put in there. I plan on painting the stair risers white and putting a coat of Dark Walnut stain on the top of the steps. I’ll probalby put different decorations on the table- I just threw those there for the time being.

On to the living room…. (please don’t mind the awfully messy playroom!)

The guest room.. which is nowhere near done… but you can see the difference in having the old pastel wallpaper stripped!
Hudson’s room… the ceiling was a grayish tan and the walls were sage green. Painted them both and I *love* the color of Hudson’s room (Sublime Lime from Pittsburgh Paints). The color isn’t as neon as it looks in the first few pictures. Its more true to the last picture of his crib and paintings.

I didn’t take any pictures of Porter’s room- he’s in full on destruction mode 24/7 so the toy room and his room are trashed most of the time. I swear, the kid dumps toys just for the hell of it.

  1. I just love everything about this. EVERYTHING – it’s incredible the work you have done. Now how much is a color consultation fee with you? Because you know how to do it while our house is (and I look at my toes) Linen White. All. Linen White. From top to toe. Linen White. It’s so boring I can’t stand it.

  2. You should be so PROUD of yourselves! The house looks great!Crap, you could probably flip it right now and make some CA$H. Too bad you love it. Haha!!I like the foyer table. Love the look of eclectic. Antique table with modern decs, COOL.

  3. Did I ever mention you exhaust me?! Seriously, I can’t even believe all that you do with 2 young kids! PLEASE sell me some of your energy! Oh…and your projects look incredible! Will you come help me?

  4. WOW! Nicole that doesn’t even look like the same house!!! I LOVE everything that you have done and my fav has to be your staircase and foyer. Love it!

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