Random pictures

Besser Boy is getting so big. I’ve done two newborn sessions this week and I’m so floored at how much he’s grown in the past 9 weeks. He’s such a happy guy- he’s always cooing and babbling and smiling. He has such a handsome grin. Must capture that this weekend 🙂 He seems to favor turning his head to the right. Is that weird? Should we do anything about it?
The other day I walked into Hudson’s room to find this…. I had to go grab my camera it was so darn cute. Porter had crawled into Hudson’s bed and they were just chillin out.

Porter just adores Hudson so much. I love it. When Hudson wakes up he runs to check on him. He pushes his chair or stool up next to the crib to talk to him. He is always asking where Hudson is, or what he’s doing. When he fusses, Porter will ask him “What’s your deal, Hudson Budson?”
Would you believe me if I told you these are the FIRST pictures I’ve taken of Hudson in the bath? Its true. He loves bathtime.

I took this picture of my mom and Hudson today. She thought he looked so much like Porter did. I have the photo of her and Porter framed in the livingroom and I thought I should put them side by side since they’re so similar. Porter is about 2 months older than Hudson though, in this picture.

  1. I thought Callie was favoring a side as well so I looked it up before. She’s stopped doing it though but this is what it said:Lots of tummy timeRotate the way you put them in their crib, like head at the opposite end each nightPut toys on the playmat to encourage him to look the other wayIt’s good that you noticed know though as friends of ours have a little guy (he’s 20 months) whose head is seriously flat from favoring one side.Call me today if you are bored!

  2. Like Kim said, just flip the side of the bed he’s on each night and encourage him at tummy time to look the other way by putting something in view that will get his attention.Gavin had a flat head in the back but we were able to fix is with lots of tummy time. Start now though, as it’s easier to fix now rather than later.BTW – love the pics. So cute!

  3. Audrey had the same problem- always turning to her left. My doc recommended turning her head after she fell asleep, which I would, only to have her turn it again. My doctor also recommended putting her at opposite ends of the crib every nite because she would turn in the direction of the door to look for me. Nothing helped too much (her head was actually beginning to get a little lopsided and her neck muscles were really tight because they were so under-used) and I ended up having to take her to physical therapy for a couple of months to get her neck muscles stronger. Trichonosis (sp?) or something like that. I’m sure it’s nothing with Hudson,just one more thing as a mother to worry about;)

  4. ok, sometimes I’m such an idiot! I have no idea where trichonosis came from, I have no idea what it is either. I think what I meant to say was torticollis. Ha ha!

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