Garage Sale Wars

Today I was in quite a mood. Porter’s attitude at the race ticked me off (more on that later), and all day I was just snort and snippy. Must be PMS, even though Ive never thought I suffered from any type of PMS mood swing symptoms. But, I’m sure there’s a first time for everything.

Anyhow… this afternoon Heather and I took Aubri and Porter to this “Rock Fundraiser”… we thought it’d be some kind of carnival type event but it was actually some small group of “rock collectors” having some sort of fund raiser for Mental Wellness etc… it was held in someones back yard/garage. It was actually sort of interesting… they had all sorts of rocks and rock jewelry and pottery making demonstrations and an area to pan for ‘gold’.

On our way home we were driving the back way into our street and I noticed on the telephone pole where I had, just the day before, placed a big pink “Garage Sale” sign… that there was a big white “Garage Sale” sign placed over ours. I felt my blood boil. I veered into the nearest driveway and said “Did you SEE that Heather? DID YOU SEE THAT?” See… the entire ENTIRE telephone pole was completely empty of any signs etc… except my sign and this white sign. And as I approached the pole I angrily ripped down their sign and threw it to the ground and realized these people had FOLDED my sign, nailed it folded shut and had placed their sign over it. A-holes. I mean, seriously…. if you loved my ‘prized place’ on the pole why not just move my sign lower or higher and place yours in that exact spot if that was the intention? Why the hell place your sign over mine? Is this some kind of competition? And what’s weirder is that the garage sale is like a block down the road from our street- so you’d think that’d entice more people to come… “Hey, there are TWO sales down this road…”

So, Heather and I ran around town and checked on our other signs and they were all safe. I told her I wanted to go to their garage sale and say something to them. In my dreams, and in my raging mind, I would have. I kept thinking… I should go to her sale and politely chit chat about the weather and how nice it is to have a sale and how WE are having a sale TOO and, oh, by the way, that was pretty low of you to place your sign over my sign. We did a drive by and realized this sale had a BOAT LOAD of kids stuff so of course we were like OMG we have to go check it out and we both said I can’t believe we’re going to their sale after they covered our sign. Anyhow, I did pick up a bunch of neat toys…. a wooden Santa Clause puzzle for P for Christmas (50¢), a hippo flashlight (50¢) , two books (50¢each), a Little People bus ($1.00), a Curious George puzzle (50¢) and a red “monster” truck (50¢).

Regardless, our garage sale is going great. We’ve made over $200! We still have a lot of stuff left and I hope we sell a lot tomorrow!


  1. Who does that? I had to run and tell my husband this story. I can’t believe that really happened WTH? We were laughing though because you stopped and shopped. I totally would’ve done the same thing. LOL.

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