Oma, Books and Healthy Eating

[[Today I am thankful for Oma who loves my kids so much, for good books even if they are just kid books and for two little boys who enjoy eating healthy foods!]]
Hudson was so happy today…. Oma babysat him for the first time since her back surgery!  He loves his Oma and was so, so excited to go to her house. 
We had Book Fair at school and I spent way too much money on books.  What can I say, I never say no to buying new books!  A couple years ago I started a blog called Moon Moon and More.  I haven’t posted on there in FOREVER but decided tonight to add some new favorite books.  We have hundreds… probably getting close to a thousand… children’s books in our house so there are always books ready and available to review.  I would love to have all our favorites there to recommend to other parents!  So, check out that blog!
Onto dinner… tonight we had grilled chicken salads.  I’m so thankful the boys are good eaters.  They love eating salads piled with lettuce, cucumber, carrots, broccoli and cheese.  I’m slowly trying to get them to like sweet peppers (told Porter they were yellow carrots) but so far no luck.  Time.  Time….

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