Scrap Weekend v3.0

Scrapbook Weekend was a success again, as usual.  The normals were there (Jane, LeeAnn, me, Loris and Jessica) minus Katie, and Jane’s college friend Meredith came as well.  We all had a great time! I got about 17 scrapbook pages done and I felt SO SO accomplished!  I also got 4 two-page spreads done for the boys’ school albums (so I’ve got the layouts up to 2nd grade done!).  We had WAY too much junk food and did zero planning for meals (although Uncle Forrest did buy us dinner Saturday night!) but it was perfect for us! 

  • Loris’ aaaaaaaahhhhhh!  on FB:  I think you need more h’s and less a’s
  • Jan!
  • I love my box and everything fits perfectly in it!
  • Lori being our news and weather reporter all weekend
  • Crazy photo booth!
  • Mere’s tiny penis
  • Box is pretty much the topic of the weekend
  • Jane’s perky ass boobs
  • My voicemail to my mom… “The squirrel!!!! WHYYYY!!!!” in a fit of laughter
  • Taking a shot… Mere says quietly “1,2,3”
  • Nic’s pain in the ass order to Applebees
  • Stimulating the environment
  • And as always… what happens at the cottage stays at the cottage!

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